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const (
	// DefaultHost is the default Host
	// found in Meta (info) section of spec file
	DefaultHost string = ""
	// DefaultBasePath is the default BasePath
	// found in Meta (info) section of spec file
	DefaultBasePath string = "/"


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var DefaultSchemes = []string{"https"}

DefaultSchemes are the default schemes found in Meta (info) section of spec file


This section is empty.


type Config

type Config struct {
	// URL is the base URL of the upstream server
	URL *url.URL
	// Transport is an inner transport for the client
	Transport http.RoundTripper

func (*Config) AuthorizeClientCredentials

func (c *Config) AuthorizeClientCredentials(clientID, clientSecret string) error

type Genesys

type Genesys struct {
	Alerting                        *alerting.Client
	Analytics                       *analytics.Client
	Architect                       *architect.Client
	Audit                           *audit.Client
	Authorization                   *authorization.Client
	Billing                         *billing.Client
	Chat                            *chat.Client
	Coaching                        *coaching.Client
	ContentManagement               *content_management.Client
	Conversations                   *conversations.Client
	DataExtensions                  *data_extensions.Client
	ExternalContacts                *external_contacts.Client
	Fax                             *fax.Client
	Flows                           *flows.Client
	Gamification                    *gamification.Client
	GeneralDataProtectionRegulation *general_data_protection_regulation.Client
	Geolocation                     *geolocation.Client
	Greetings                       *greetings.Client
	Groups                          *groups.Client
	IdentityProvider                *identity_provider.Client
	Integrations                    *integrations.Client
	Journey                         *journey.Client
	Knowledge                       *knowledge.Client
	LanguageUnderstanding           *language_understanding.Client
	Languages                       *languages.Client
	Learning                        *learning.Client
	License                         *license.Client
	Locations                       *locations.Client
	MobileDevices                   *mobile_devices.Client
	Notifications                   *notifications.Client
	OAuth                           *o_auth.Client
	Organization                    *organization.Client
	OrganizationAuthorization       *organization_authorization.Client
	Outbound                        *outbound.Client
	Presence                        *presence.Client
	Quality                         *quality.Client
	Recording                       *recording.Client
	ResponseManagement              *response_management.Client
	Routing                         *routing.Client
	Scim                            *s_c_i_m.Client
	Scripts                         *scripts.Client
	Search                          *search.Client
	SpeechAndTextAnalytics          *speech_and_text_analytics.Client
	Stations                        *stations.Client
	Telephony                       *telephony.Client
	TelephonyProvidersEdge          *telephony_providers_edge.Client
	Textbots                        *textbots.Client
	Tokens                          *tokens.Client
	Uploads                         *uploads.Client
	Usage                           *usage.Client
	UserRecordings                  *user_recordings.Client
	Users                           *users.Client
	Utilities                       *utilities.Client
	Voicemail                       *voicemail.Client
	WebChat                         *web_chat.Client
	Widgets                         *widgets.Client
	WorkforceManagement             *workforce_management.Client
	Transport                       runtime.ClientTransport

Genesys is a client for genesys

func New

func New(c Config) *Genesys

New creates a new genesys HTTP client.

func (*Genesys) SetDebug

func (cli *Genesys) SetDebug(debug bool)

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