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func CompareArrStrVers

func CompareArrStrVers(ver1, ver2 []string) int

CompareArrStrVers CompareArrStrVers

func CompareByBytes

func CompareByBytes(ver1, ver2 []byte) int

CompareByBytes CompareByBytes 按byte位进行比较小版本号

func CompareLittleVer

func CompareLittleVer(ver1, ver2 string) int

CompareLittleVer CompareLittleVer 比较小版本号字符串

func CompareVersion

func CompareVersion(ver1, ver2 string) (int, error)

CompareVersion CompareVersion return big:1 smaill:2 equ:0 error:-1

func ConstructString

func ConstructString(strings ...string) string

ConstructString construct string

func ID2Province

func ID2Province(id string) string

ID2Province id 2 chinese province

func ParseIDCard

func ParseIDCard(idcard string) (string, string)

ParseIDCard parse province and year by idcard

func ParseTpl

func ParseTpl(tplname, tpl string, mmap map[string]string) string

ParseTpl parse tpl

func SpliteStrByNet

func SpliteStrByNet(version string) []string

SpliteStrByNet 按“.”分割版本号为小版本号的字符串数组

func Substr

func Substr(str string, start, length int) string

Substr sub string

func Substring

func Substring(str string, start int) string

Substring sub string

func SubstringByte

func SubstringByte(str string, start int) string

SubstringByte 以byte来截取


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