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type Manager

type Manager struct {
	FreeWorkers  chan *Worker
	Tasks        chan interface{}
	Done         chan bool
	TimeProcess  chan int64
	LastProcess  int64
	TotalTimeOut int64

manager model

func NewManager

func NewManager(numWorkers int) Manager

initiate new manager

func (*Manager) AssignTask

func (m *Manager) AssignTask(task interface{}, wg *sync.WaitGroup)

assign task to free worker

func (*Manager) DoMonitor

func (m *Manager) DoMonitor(wg *sync.WaitGroup)

do monitoring worker thats free or not

func (*Manager) EndWorker

func (m *Manager) EndWorker()

func (*Manager) InProgress

func (m *Manager) InProgress(result int64, wg *sync.WaitGroup)

check if a task still in progress to wait it till finish

func (*Manager) Timeout

func (m *Manager) Timeout(seconds int, wg *sync.WaitGroup)

set the timeout to waiting for tasks execution

type Worker

type Worker struct {
	WorkerId    int
	TimeProcess chan int64
	FreeWorkers chan *Worker
	Context     *Hive

worker model

func NewWorker

func NewWorker(id int, timeProcess <-chan int64, freeWorkers <-chan *Worker, ctx *Hive) Worker

func (*Worker) Work

func (w *Worker) Work(task interface{}, wg *sync.WaitGroup)

do a task for worker

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