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const (
	BlobSize = 4 * mebibyte

	NoParentId = ""


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var (
	ErrBlobNotAccessibleOnThisNode = errors.New("blob not accessible on this node")


This section is empty.


type Blob

type Blob struct {
	Ref                       BlobRef
	EncryptionKeyId           string
	Volumes                   []int
	VolumesPendingReplication []int
	Referenced                bool // aborted uploads (ones that do not get referenced by a commit) could leave orphaned blobs
	IsCompressed              bool
	Size                      int32 // 32 bits is enough, usually blobs are 4 MB
	SizeOnDisk                int32 // after optional compression
	Crc32                     []byte

type BlobRef

type BlobRef []byte

func BlobRefFromBytes

func BlobRefFromBytes(bytes []byte) (*BlobRef, error)

func BlobRefFromHex

func BlobRefFromHex(serialized string) (*BlobRef, error)

func (*BlobRef) AsHex

func (b *BlobRef) AsHex() string

func (*BlobRef) AsSha256Sum

func (b *BlobRef) AsSha256Sum() []byte

func (*BlobRef) Equal

func (b *BlobRef) Equal(other BlobRef) bool

type Client

type Client struct {
	ID        string
	Created   time.Time
	AuthToken string
	Name      string

type Collection

type Collection struct {
	ID                string
	Created           time.Time // earliest of all changesets' file create/update timestamps
	Directory         string
	Name              string
	Description       string
	Sensitivity       int           // 0(for all eyes) 1(a bit sensitive) 2(for my eyes only)
	ReplicationPolicy string        // [calculated] effective policy inherited from parent directory
	Head              string        // points to the head changeset. unset only for empty collections
	EncryptionKeys    []KeyEnvelope // first is for all new blobs, the following for moved/deduplicated ones
	Changesets        []CollectionChangeset
	Metadata          map[string]string
	Rating            int // 1-5
	Tags              []string
	GlobalVersion     uint64 `msgpack:"gv"`

func (*Collection) BumpGlobalVersion

func (c *Collection) BumpGlobalVersion()

    this implementation is really bad as a global ordering number (time synchronization issues between servers, time jumping back and forth..), but this is temporary until we're migrating to EventHorizon which gives us change feeds in a much better way.

    type CollectionChangeset

    type CollectionChangeset struct {
    	ID           string
    	Parent       string
    	Created      time.Time
    	FilesCreated []File
    	FilesUpdated []File
    	FilesDeleted []string

    func NewChangeset

    func NewChangeset(
    	id string,
    	parent string,
    	created time.Time,
    	filesCreated []File,
    	filesUpdated []File,
    	filesDeleted []string,
    ) CollectionChangeset

    func (*CollectionChangeset) AnyChanges

    func (c *CollectionChangeset) AnyChanges() bool

    type Config

    type Config struct {
    	Key   string
    	Value string

    type Directory

    type Directory struct {
    	ID                string
    	Created           time.Time
    	MetaCollection    string // backing collection for directory's metadata
    	Parent            string
    	Name              string
    	Type              string
    	Sensitivity       int               // 0(for all eyes) 1(a bit sensitive) 2(for my eyes only)
    	ReplicationPolicy string            // explicit (for collections it is calculated)
    	Deprecated1       map[string]string `msgpack:"Metadata" json:"Metadata"`
    	Deprecated2       string            `msgpack:"Description" json:"Description"`

    func NewDirectory

    func NewDirectory(id string, parent string, name string, typ string) *Directory

    type File

    type File struct {
    	Path     string
    	Sha256   string
    	Created  time.Time
    	Modified time.Time
    	Size     int64
    	BlobRefs []string // TODO: use explicit datatype?

    func (*File) CopyEverythingExceptPath

    func (f *File) CopyEverythingExceptPath(other File)

    type IntegrityVerificationJob

    type IntegrityVerificationJob struct {
    	ID                   string
    	Started              time.Time
    	Completed            time.Time
    	VolumeId             int
    	LastCompletedBlobRef BlobRef
    	BytesScanned         uint64
    	ErrorsFound          int
    	Report               string

    type KeyEncryptionKey

    type KeyEncryptionKey struct {
    	ID          string
    	Kind        string // rsa | ecdsa
    	Bits        int
    	Created     time.Time
    	Label       string
    	Fingerprint string // for public key
    	PublicKey   string
    	PrivateKey  string

    type KeyEnvelope

    type KeyEnvelope struct {
    	KeyId string    `json:"key_id"`
    	Slots []KeySlot `json:"slots"`

    func FindDekEnvelope

    func FindDekEnvelope(keyId string, kenvs []KeyEnvelope) *KeyEnvelope

    type KeySlot

    type KeySlot struct {
    	KekFingerprint string `json:"kek_fingerprint"`
    	KeyEncrypted   []byte `json:"key_encrypted"`

    type Node

    type Node struct {
    	ID           string
    	Addr         string
    	Name         string
    	TlsCert      string
    	SmartBackend stoservertypes.SmartBackend

    type ReplicationPolicy

    type ReplicationPolicy struct {
    	ID             string
    	Name           string
    	DesiredVolumes []int // where the policy currently directs data (TODO: rename to CurrentVolumes?)
    	MinZones       int   // if >= 2, then data is considered fire etc. disaster safe

    func (*ReplicationPolicy) ReplicaCount

    func (r *ReplicationPolicy) ReplicaCount() int

    type ScheduledJob

    type ScheduledJob struct {
    	ID          string
    	Kind        stoservertypes.ScheduledJobKind
    	Description string
    	Schedule    string
    	Enabled     bool
    	NextRun     time.Time
    	LastRun     *ScheduledJobLastRun

    type ScheduledJobLastRun

    type ScheduledJobLastRun struct {
    	Started  time.Time
    	Finished time.Time
    	Error    string

    func (ScheduledJobLastRun) Runtime

    func (s ScheduledJobLastRun) Runtime() time.Duration

    type Volume

    type Volume struct {
    	ID                 int
    	UUID               string
    	Label              string
    	Description        string
    	Notes              string
    	SerialNumber       string
    	Technology         string
    	SmartId            string
    	SmartReport        string
    	Zone               string
    	Enclosure          string
    	EnclosureSlot      int // 0 = not defined
    	Manufactured       time.Time
    	WarrantyEnds       time.Time
    	Quota              int64
    	BlobSizeTotal      int64 // @ compressed & deduplicated
    	BlobCount          int64 // does not include queued writes or volume descriptor blob (sha256=0000..)
    	Decommissioned     *time.Time
    	DecommissionReason string

    type VolumeMount

    type VolumeMount struct {
    	ID         string
    	Volume     int
    	Node       string
    	Driver     stoservertypes.VolumeDriverKind
    	DriverOpts string