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func GetGVRsForCluster

func GetGVRsForCluster(cluster *migapi.MigCluster, c client.Client) (dynamic.Interface, []schema.GroupVersionResource, error)

GetGVRsForCluster collects all namespaced scoped GVRs for the provided cluster compatible client

func NewCohabitatingResources

func NewCohabitatingResources() map[string]*CohabitatingResource

func SortResources

func SortResources(resources []*metav1.APIResourceList)

SortResources sources resources by moving extensions to the end of the slice. The order of all the other resources is preserved.


type CohabitatingResource

type CohabitatingResource struct {
	Seen bool
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewCohabitatingResource

func NewCohabitatingResource(resource, group1, group2 string) *CohabitatingResource

type Compare

type Compare struct {
	Plan                  *migapi.MigPlan
	SrcDiscovery          discovery.DiscoveryInterface
	DstDiscovery          discovery.DiscoveryInterface
	SrcClient             dynamic.Interface
	CohabitatingResources map[string]*CohabitatingResource

Compare is a store for discovery and dynamic clients to do GVK compare

func (*Compare) Compare

func (r *Compare) Compare() (map[string][]schema.GroupVersionResource, error)

Compare GVKs on both clusters, find incompatible GVKs and check each plan source namespace for existence of incompatible GVKs

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