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package wordpress

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Published: Jul 3, 2020 | License: AGPL-3.0 | Module:


func FillWordPress

func FillWordPress(r *models.ScanResult, token string, wpVulnCaches *map[string]string) (int, error)

FillWordPress access to wpvulndb and fetch scurity alerts and then set to the given ScanResult.

type References

type References struct {
	URL     []string `json:"url"`
	Cve     []string `json:"cve"`
	Secunia []string `json:"secunia"`

References is for wpvulndb's json

type WpCveInfo

type WpCveInfo struct {
	ID        int    `json:"id"`
	Title     string `json:"title"`
	CreatedAt string `json:"created_at"`
	UpdatedAt string `json:"updated_at"`
	// PublishedDate string     `json:"published_date"`
	VulnType   string     `json:"vuln_type"`
	References References `json:"references"`
	FixedIn    string     `json:"fixed_in"`

WpCveInfo is for wpvulndb's json

type WpCveInfos

type WpCveInfos struct {
	ReleaseDate  string `json:"release_date"`
	ChangelogURL string `json:"changelog_url"`
	// Status        string `json:"status"`
	LatestVersion string `json:"latest_version"`
	LastUpdated   string `json:"last_updated"`
	// Popular         bool        `json:"popular"`
	Vulnerabilities []WpCveInfo `json:"vulnerabilities"`
	Error           string      `json:"error"`

WpCveInfos is for wpvulndb's json

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