Package control implements controllers for cameras



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    type OrbitControl

    type OrbitControl struct {
    	Enabled         bool    // Control enabled state
    	EnableRotate    bool    // Rotate enabled state
    	EnableZoom      bool    // Zoom enabled state
    	EnablePan       bool    // Pan enabled state
    	EnableKeys      bool    // Enable keys state
    	ZoomSpeed       float32 // Zoom speed factor. Default is 1.0
    	RotateSpeed     float32 // Rotate speed factor. Default is 1.0
    	MinDistance     float32 // Minimum distance from target. Default is 0.01
    	MaxDistance     float32 // Maximum distance from target. Default is infinity
    	MinPolarAngle   float32 // Minimum polar angle for rotatiom
    	MaxPolarAngle   float32
    	MinAzimuthAngle float32
    	MaxAzimuthAngle float32
    	KeyRotateSpeed  float32
    	KeyPanSpeed     float32
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      OrbitControl is a camera controller that allows orbiting a center point while looking at it.

      func NewOrbitControl

      func NewOrbitControl(icam camera.ICamera, win window.IWindow) *OrbitControl

        NewOrbitControl creates and returns a pointer to a new orbito control for the specified camera and window

        func (*OrbitControl) Dispose

        func (oc *OrbitControl) Dispose()

          Dispose unsubscribes from all events

          func (*OrbitControl) Pan

          func (oc *OrbitControl) Pan(deltaX, deltaY float32)

            Pan the camera and target by the specified deltas

            func (*OrbitControl) Reset

            func (oc *OrbitControl) Reset()

              Reset to initial camera position

              func (*OrbitControl) RotateLeft

              func (oc *OrbitControl) RotateLeft(angle float32)

                RotateLeft rotates the camera left by specified angle

                func (*OrbitControl) RotateUp

                func (oc *OrbitControl) RotateUp(angle float32)

                  RotateUp rotates the camera up by specified angle

                  func (*OrbitControl) Zoom

                  func (oc *OrbitControl) Zoom(delta float32)

                    Zoom in or out