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Published: Aug 16, 2020 | License: MIT | Module:


func Render

func Render(target *ebiten.Image, drawData imgui.DrawData, txcache TextureCache, dfilter ebiten.Filter)

Render the ImGui drawData into the target *ebiten.Image

func RenderMasked

func RenderMasked(target *ebiten.Image, mask *ebiten.Image, drawData imgui.DrawData, txcache TextureCache, dfilter ebiten.Filter)

RenderMasked renders the ImGui drawData into the target *ebiten.Image with ebiten.CompositeModeCopy for masking

type GetCursorFn

type GetCursorFn func() (x, y float32)

type Manager

type Manager struct {
	Filter ebiten.Filter
	Cache  TextureCache

	GetCursor    GetCursorFn
	SyncInputsFn func()
	SyncCursor   bool
	SyncInputs   bool

	ClipMask bool
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func New

func New(fontAtlas *imgui.FontAtlas) *Manager

func NewWithContext

func NewWithContext(ctx *imgui.Context) *Manager

func (*Manager) BeginFrame

func (m *Manager) BeginFrame()

func (*Manager) EndFrame

func (m *Manager) EndFrame(screen *ebiten.Image)

func (*Manager) SetText

func (m *Manager) SetText(text string)

SetText implements imgui clipboard

func (*Manager) Text

func (m *Manager) Text() (string, error)

Text implements imgui clipboard

func (*Manager) Update

func (m *Manager) Update(delta, winWidth, winHeight float32)

type TextureCache

type TextureCache interface {
	FontAtlasTextureID() imgui.TextureID
	SetFontAtlasTextureID(id imgui.TextureID)
	GetTexture(id imgui.TextureID) *ebiten.Image
	SetTexture(id imgui.TextureID, img *ebiten.Image)
	RemoveTexture(id imgui.TextureID)
	ResetFontAtlasCache(filter ebiten.Filter)

func NewCache

func NewCache() TextureCache

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