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const (
	// Name is a name for a validation webhook.
	Name = "validator"
	// SecretsValidatorName is the name of the secrets validator.
	SecretsValidatorName = "secrets." + Name


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func New

New creates a new webhook that validates Shoot and CloudProfile resources.

func NewCloudProfileValidator

func NewCloudProfileValidator() extensionswebhook.Validator

NewCloudProfileValidator returns a new instance of a cloud profile validator.

func NewSecretBindingValidator added in v1.28.0

func NewSecretBindingValidator() extensionswebhook.Validator

NewSecretBindingValidator returns a new instance of a secret binding validator.

func NewSecretValidator added in v1.21.0

func NewSecretValidator() extensionswebhook.Validator

NewSecretValidator returns a new instance of a secret validator.

func NewSecretsWebhook added in v1.21.0

func NewSecretsWebhook(mgr manager.Manager) (*extensionswebhook.Webhook, error)

NewSecretsWebhook creates a new validation webhook for Secrets.

func NewShootValidator

func NewShootValidator() extensionswebhook.Validator

NewShootValidator returns a new instance of a shoot validator.


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