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const (
	// SSHPort is the default SSH port.
	SSHPort = "22"


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var (
	// DefaultAddOptions are the default AddOptions for AddToManager.
	DefaultAddOptions = AddOptions{}


func AddToManager

func AddToManager(mgr manager.Manager) error

AddToManager adds a controller with the default Options.

func AddToManagerWithOptions

func AddToManagerWithOptions(mgr manager.Manager, opts AddOptions) error

AddToManagerWithOptions adds a controller with the given Options to the given manager. The opts.Reconciler is being set with a newly instantiated actuator.

func DiskResourceName

func DiskResourceName(baseName string) string

DiskResourceName is Disk resource name

func IngressReady

func IngressReady(ingress *corev1.LoadBalancerIngress) bool

IngressReady returns true if either an IP or a hostname or both are set.

func NSGEgressAllowOnlyResourceName

func NSGEgressAllowOnlyResourceName(baseName string) string

NSGEgressAllowOnlyResourceName is network security group egress allow only rule name

func NSGEgressDenyAllResourceName

func NSGEgressDenyAllResourceName(baseName string) string

NSGEgressDenyAllResourceName is network security group egress deny all rule name

func NSGIngressAllowSSHResourceNameIPv4

func NSGIngressAllowSSHResourceNameIPv4(baseName string) string

NSGIngressAllowSSHResourceNameIPv4 is network security group ingress allow ssh resource name

func NSGIngressAllowSSHResourceNameIPv6

func NSGIngressAllowSSHResourceNameIPv6(baseName string) string

NSGIngressAllowSSHResourceNameIPv6 is network security group ingress allow ssh resource name

func NSGName

func NSGName(baseName string) string

NSGName is network security group resource name

func NicResourceName

func NicResourceName(baseName string) string

NicResourceName is Nic resource name

func RuleExist added in v1.29.0

func RuleExist(ruleName *string, rules *[]network.SecurityRule) bool

RuleExist checks if the rule with the given name is present in the list of rules.


type AddOptions

type AddOptions struct {
	// Controller are the controller.Options.
	Controller controller.Options
	// IgnoreOperationAnnotation specifies whether to ignore the operation annotation or not.
	IgnoreOperationAnnotation bool

AddOptions are Options to apply when adding the Azure bastion controller to the manager.

type Options

type Options struct {
	BastionInstanceName string
	BastionPublicIPName string
	PrivateIPAddressV4  string
	PrivateIPAddressV6  string
	ResourceGroupName   string
	SecurityGroupName   string
	Location            string
	NicName             string
	NicID               string
	DiskName            string
	SecretReference     corev1.SecretReference
	WorkersCIDR         []string
	CIDRs               []string
	Tags                map[string]*string

Options contains provider-related information required for setting up a bastion instance. This struct combines precomputed values like the bastion instance name with the IDs of pre-existing cloud provider resources, like the nic name etc.

func DetermineOptions

func DetermineOptions(bastion *extensionsv1alpha1.Bastion, cluster *controller.Cluster, resourceGroup string) (*Options, error)

DetermineOptions determines the information that are required to reconcile a Bastion on Azure. This function does not create any IaaS resources.

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