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const (
	// TerraformerPurpose is the terraformer infrastructure purpose.
	TerraformerPurpose = "infra"

	// TerraformerOutputKeyResourceGroupName is the key for the resourceGroupName output
	TerraformerOutputKeyResourceGroupName = "resourceGroupName"
	// TerraformerOutputKeyVNetName is the key for the vnetName output
	TerraformerOutputKeyVNetName = "vnetName"
	// TerraformerOutputKeyVNetResourceGroup is the key for the vnetResourceGroup output
	TerraformerOutputKeyVNetResourceGroup = "vnetResourceGroup"
	// TerraformerOutputKeySubnetName is the key for the subnetName output
	TerraformerOutputKeySubnetName = "subnetName"
	// TerraformerOutputKeySubnetNamePrefix is the key for the subnetName output
	TerraformerOutputKeySubnetNamePrefix = "subnetName-z"
	// TerraformerOutputKeyAvailabilitySetID is the key for the availabilitySetID output
	TerraformerOutputKeyAvailabilitySetID = "availabilitySetID"
	// TerraformerOutputKeyAvailabilitySetName is the key for the availabilitySetName output
	TerraformerOutputKeyAvailabilitySetName = "availabilitySetName"
	// TerraformerOutputKeyCountFaultDomains is the key for the fault domain count output.
	TerraformerOutputKeyCountFaultDomains = "countFaultDomains"
	// TerraformerOutputKeyCountUpdateDomains is the key for the update domain count output.
	TerraformerOutputKeyCountUpdateDomains = "countUpdateDomains"
	// TerraformerOutputKeyRouteTableName is the key for the routeTableName output
	TerraformerOutputKeyRouteTableName = "routeTableName"
	// TerraformerOutputKeySecurityGroupName is the key for the securityGroupName output
	TerraformerOutputKeySecurityGroupName = "securityGroupName"
	// TerraformerOutputKeyIdentityID is the key for the identityID output
	TerraformerOutputKeyIdentityID = "identityID"
	// TerraformerOutputKeyIdentityClientID is the key for the identityClientID output
	TerraformerOutputKeyIdentityClientID = "identityClientID"


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var StatusTypeMeta = metav1.TypeMeta{
	APIVersion: apiv1alpha1.SchemeGroupVersion.String(),
	Kind:       "InfrastructureStatus",

StatusTypeMeta is the TypeMeta of the Azure InfrastructureStatus


func ComputeStatus

ComputeStatus computes the status based on the Terraformer and the given InfrastructureConfig.

func ComputeTerraformerTemplateValues added in v1.21.0

func ComputeTerraformerTemplateValues(
	infra *extensionsv1alpha1.Infrastructure,
	config *api.InfrastructureConfig,
	cluster *controller.Cluster,
) (

ComputeTerraformerTemplateValues computes the values for the Azure Terraformer chart.

func DeleteNodeSubnetIfExists added in v1.28.0

func DeleteNodeSubnetIfExists(ctx context.Context, factory azureclient.Factory, infra *extensionsv1alpha1.Infrastructure, infraConfig *api.InfrastructureConfig) error

DeleteNodeSubnetIfExists will delete the nodes subnet(s) if exists.

func IsShootResourceGroupAvailable added in v1.28.0

func IsShootResourceGroupAvailable(ctx context.Context, factory azureclient.Factory, infra *extensionsv1alpha1.Infrastructure, infraConfig *api.InfrastructureConfig) (bool, error)

IsShootResourceGroupAvailable determines if the managed resource group exists on Azure.

func StatusFromTerraformState

func StatusFromTerraformState(config *api.InfrastructureConfig, tfState *TerraformState) *apiv1alpha1.InfrastructureStatus

StatusFromTerraformState computes an InfrastructureStatus from the given Terraform variables.


type TerraformFiles

type TerraformFiles struct {
	Main      string
	Variables string
	TFVars    []byte

TerraformFiles are the files that have been rendered from the infrastructure chart.

func RenderTerraformerTemplate added in v1.21.0

func RenderTerraformerTemplate(
	infra *extensionsv1alpha1.Infrastructure,
	config *api.InfrastructureConfig,
	cluster *controller.Cluster,
) (

RenderTerraformerTemplate renders the azure infrastructure template with the given values.

type TerraformState

type TerraformState struct {
	// VPCName is the name of the VNet created for an infrastructure.
	VNetName string
	// VNetResourceGroupName is the name of the resource group where the vnet is deployed to.
	VNetResourceGroupName string
	// ResourceGroupName is the name of the resource group.
	ResourceGroupName string
	// AvailabilitySetID is the ID for the created availability set.
	AvailabilitySetID string
	// CountFaultDomains is the fault domain count for the created availability set.
	CountFaultDomains int
	// CountUpdateDomains is the update domain count for the created availability set.
	CountUpdateDomains int
	// AvailabilitySetName the ID for the created availability set .
	AvailabilitySetName string
	// Subnets contain information to identify the created subnets.
	Subnets []terraformSubnet
	// RouteTableName is the name of the route table.
	RouteTableName string
	// SecurityGroupName is the name of the security group.
	SecurityGroupName string
	// IdentityID is the id of the identity.
	IdentityID string
	// IdentityClientID is the client id of the identity.
	IdentityClientID string

TerraformState is the Terraform state for an infrastructure.

func ExtractTerraformState

ExtractTerraformState extracts the TerraformState from the given Terraformer.

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