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const (
	// ActuatorName is the name of the DNS Service actuator.
	ActuatorName = service.ServiceName + "-actuator"
	// SeedResourcesName is the name for resource describing the resources applied to the seed cluster.
	SeedResourcesName = service.ExtensionServiceName + "-seed"
	// ShootResourcesName is the name for resource describing the resources applied to the shoot cluster.
	ShootResourcesName = service.ExtensionServiceName + "-shoot"
	// KeptShootResourcesName is the name for resource describing the resources applied to the shoot cluster that should not be deleted.
	KeptShootResourcesName = service.ExtensionServiceName + "-shoot-keep"
	// OwnerName is the name of the DNSOwner object created for the shoot dns service
	OwnerName = service.ServiceName
	// DNSProviderRoleAdditional is a constant for additionally managed DNS providers.
	DNSProviderRoleAdditional = "managed-dns-provider"
	// DNSRealmAnnotation is the annotation key for restricting provider access for shoot DNS entries
	DNSRealmAnnotation = ""
	// ShootDNSServiceMaintainerAnnotation is the annotation key for marking a DNS providers a managed by shoot-dns-service
	ShootDNSServiceMaintainerAnnotation = ""
	// ExternalDNSProviderName is the name of the external DNS provider
	ExternalDNSProviderName = "external"
	// ShootDNSServiceUseRemoteDefaultDomainLabel is the label key for marking a seed to use the remote DNS-provider for the default domain
	ShootDNSServiceUseRemoteDefaultDomainLabel = ""
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const (
	// Name is the name of the lifecycle controller.
	Name = "shoot_dns_service_lifecycle_controller"
	// FinalizerSuffix is the finalizer suffix for the DNS Service controller.
	FinalizerSuffix = service.ExtensionServiceName


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var DefaultAddOptions = AddOptions{}

DefaultAddOptions contains configuration for the dns service.

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var TimeNow = time.Now

TimeNow returns the current time. Exposed for testing.


func AddToManager

func AddToManager(mgr manager.Manager) error

AddToManager adds a controller with the default Options to the given Controller Manager.

func AddToManagerWithOptions added in v1.17.0

func AddToManagerWithOptions(mgr manager.Manager, opts AddOptions) error

AddToManagerWithOptions adds a DNS Service Lifecycle controller to the given Controller Manager.

func CheckDNSProvider added in v1.18.0

func CheckDNSProvider(obj client.Object) error

CheckDNSProvider is similar to health.CheckExtensionObject, but implements the special handling for DNS providers as they don't implement extensionsv1alpha1.Object.

func GetSecretRefFromDNSRecordExternal added in v1.18.0

func GetSecretRefFromDNSRecordExternal(ctx context.Context, c client.Client, namespace, shootName string) (*corev1.SecretReference, string, *string, error)

GetSecretRefFromDNSRecordExternal reads the secret reference and type from the DNSRecord external If the DNSRecord resource is not found, it returns nil.

func NewActuator

func NewActuator(config config.DNSServiceConfig, useTokenRequestor bool, useProjectedTokenMount bool) extension.Actuator

NewActuator returns an actuator responsible for Extension resources.

func NewProviderDeployWaiter added in v1.18.0

func NewProviderDeployWaiter(
	logger logrus.FieldLogger,
	client client.Client,
	new *dnsv1alpha1.DNSProvider,
) component.DeployWaiter

NewProviderDeployWaiter creates a new instance of DeployWaiter for a specific DNSProvider.


type AddOptions added in v1.8.0

type AddOptions struct {
	// Controller contains options for the controller.
	Controller controller.Options
	// IgnoreOperationAnnotation specifies whether to ignore the operation annotation or not.
	IgnoreOperationAnnotation bool
	// UseTokenRequestor specifies whether the token requestor shall be used for the dns-controller.
	UseTokenRequestor bool
	// UseProjectedTokenMount specifies whether the projected token mount shall be used for the
	// dns-controller.
	UseProjectedTokenMount bool

AddOptions are options to apply when adding the dns service controller to the manager.

type ErrorWithDNSState added in v1.18.0

type ErrorWithDNSState interface {

	// DNSState returns the state of the DNS object this error is about.
	DNSState() string

ErrorWithDNSState is an error annotated with the state of a DNS object.

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