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const (
	// WebhookName is the webhook name.
	WebhookName = "network"


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func New added in v1.4.0

New creates a new network webhook with the given args.

func NewMutator

func NewMutator(mgr manager.Manager, logger logr.Logger, mutateFn MutateFn) webhook.Mutator

NewMutator creates a new network mutator.


type Args added in v1.4.0

type Args struct {
	// NetworkProvider is the network provider for this webhook
	NetworkProvider string
	// CloudProvider is the cloud provider of this webhook.
	CloudProvider string
	// Types is a list of resource types.
	Types []extensionswebhook.Type
	// Mutator is a mutator to be used by the admission handler.
	Mutator extensionswebhook.Mutator

Args are arguments for adding a controlplane webhook to a manager.

type MutateFn

type MutateFn func(new, old *extensionsv1alpha1.Network) error

MutateFn is a function that validates and if needed mutates the given extensionsv1alpha1.Network.

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