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package garden

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func BootstrapCluster

func BootstrapCluster(k8sGardenClient kubernetes.Interface, gardenNamespace string, secrets map[string]*corev1.Secret) error

BootstrapCluster bootstraps the Garden cluster and deploys various required manifests.

func ReadGardenSecrets

func ReadGardenSecrets(k8sInformers kubeinformers.SharedInformerFactory, k8sGardenCoreInformers gardencoreinformers.SharedInformerFactory) (map[string]*corev1.Secret, error)

ReadGardenSecrets reads the Kubernetes Secrets from the Garden cluster which are independent of Shoot clusters. The Secret objects are stored on the Controller in order to pass them to created Garden objects later.

func VerifyInternalDomainSecret

func VerifyInternalDomainSecret(k8sGardenClient kubernetes.Interface, numberOfShoots int, internalDomainSecret *corev1.Secret) error

VerifyInternalDomainSecret verifies that the internal domain secret matches to the internal domain secret used for existing Shoot clusters. It is not allowed to change the internal domain secret if there are existing Shoot clusters.

type Builder

type Builder struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Builder is an object that builds Garden objects.

func NewBuilder

func NewBuilder() *Builder

NewBuilder returns a new Builder.

func (*Builder) Build

func (b *Builder) Build() (*Garden, error)

Build initializes a new Garden object.

func (*Builder) WithDefaultDomains

func (b *Builder) WithDefaultDomains(defaultDomains []*Domain) *Builder

WithDefaultDomains sets the defaultDomainsFunc attribute at the Builder.

func (*Builder) WithDefaultDomainsFromSecrets

func (b *Builder) WithDefaultDomainsFromSecrets(secrets map[string]*corev1.Secret) *Builder

WithDefaultDomains sets the defaultDomainsFunc attribute at the Builder based on the given secrets map.

func (*Builder) WithInternalDomain

func (b *Builder) WithInternalDomain(internalDomain *Domain) *Builder

WithInternalDomain sets the internalDomainFunc attribute at the Builder.

func (*Builder) WithInternalDomainFromSecrets

func (b *Builder) WithInternalDomainFromSecrets(secrets map[string]*corev1.Secret) *Builder

WithInternalDomainFromSecrets sets the internalDomainFunc attribute at the Builder based on the given secrets map.

func (*Builder) WithProject

func (b *Builder) WithProject(project *gardencorev1beta1.Project) *Builder

WithProject sets the projectFunc attribute at the Builder.

func (*Builder) WithProjectFromLister

func (b *Builder) WithProjectFromLister(projectLister gardencorelisters.ProjectLister, namespace string) *Builder

WithProjectFromLister sets the projectFunc attribute after fetching it from the lister.

type Domain

type Domain struct {
	Domain         string
	Provider       string
	SecretData     map[string][]byte
	IncludeDomains []string
	ExcludeDomains []string
	IncludeZones   []string
	ExcludeZones   []string

Domain contains information about a domain configured in the garden cluster.

func DomainIsDefaultDomain

func DomainIsDefaultDomain(domain string, defaultDomains []*Domain) *Domain

DomainIsDefaultDomain identifies whether the given domain is a default domain.

func GetDefaultDomains

func GetDefaultDomains(secrets map[string]*corev1.Secret) ([]*Domain, error)

GetDefaultDomains finds all the default domain secrets within the given map and returns a list of objects that contains all relevant information about the default domains.

func GetInternalDomain

func GetInternalDomain(secrets map[string]*corev1.Secret) (*Domain, error)

GetInternalDomain finds the internal domain secret within the given map and returns the object that contains all relevant information about the internal domain.

type Garden

type Garden struct {
	Project        *gardencorev1beta1.Project
	DefaultDomains []*Domain
	InternalDomain *Domain

Garden is an object containing Garden cluster specific data.

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