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type FileContentInlineCodec

type FileContentInlineCodec interface {
	// Encode encodes the given byte slice into a *extensionsv1alpha1.FileContentInline.
	Encode([]byte, string) (*extensionsv1alpha1.FileContentInline, error)
	// Decode decodes a byte slice from the given *extensionsv1alpha1.FileContentInline.
	Decode(*extensionsv1alpha1.FileContentInline) ([]byte, error)

FileContentInlineCodec contains methods for encoding and decoding byte slices to and from *extensionsv1alpha1.FileContentInline.

func NewFileContentInlineCodec

func NewFileContentInlineCodec() FileContentInlineCodec

NewFileContentInlineCodec creates an returns a new FileContentInlineCodec.

type UnitSerializer

type UnitSerializer interface {
	// Serialize serializes the given slice of systemd unit options to a string.
	Serialize([]*unit.UnitOption) (string, error)
	// Deserialize deserializes a slice of systemd unit options from the given string.
	Deserialize(string) ([]*unit.UnitOption, error)

UnitSerializer contains methods for serializing and deserializing a slice of systemd unit options to and from a string.

func NewUnitSerializer

func NewUnitSerializer() UnitSerializer

NewUnitSerializer creates and returns a new UnitSerializer.


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Package utils is a generated GoMock package.
Package utils is a generated GoMock package.

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