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const (
	// AnnotationKeyNotManagedByMCM is a constant for an annotation on the node resource that indicates that
	// the node is not handled by MCM.
	AnnotationKeyNotManagedByMCM = ""


This section is empty.


func CheckMachineDeployment

func CheckMachineDeployment(deployment *machinev1alpha1.MachineDeployment) error

CheckMachineDeployment checks whether the given MachineDeployment is healthy. A MachineDeployment is considered healthy if its controller observed its current revision and if its desired number of replicas is equal to its updated replicas.


type DefaultHealthChecker

type DefaultHealthChecker struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

DefaultHealthChecker all the information for the Worker HealthCheck. This check assumes that the MachineControllerManager ( has been deployed by the Worker extension controller.

func NewNodesChecker added in v1.5.0

func NewNodesChecker() *DefaultHealthChecker

NewNodesChecker is a health check function which performs certain checks about the nodes registered in the cluster. It implements the healthcheck.HealthCheck interface.

func (*DefaultHealthChecker) Check

Check executes the health check.

func (*DefaultHealthChecker) DeepCopy

DeepCopy clones the healthCheck struct by making a copy and returning the pointer to that new copy.

func (*DefaultHealthChecker) InjectSeedClient

func (h *DefaultHealthChecker) InjectSeedClient(seedClient client.Client)

InjectSeedClient injects the seed client.

func (*DefaultHealthChecker) InjectShootClient

func (h *DefaultHealthChecker) InjectShootClient(shootClient client.Client)

InjectShootClient injects the shoot client.

func (*DefaultHealthChecker) SetLoggerSuffix

func (h *DefaultHealthChecker) SetLoggerSuffix(provider, extension string)

SetLoggerSuffix injects the logger.

func (*DefaultHealthChecker) WithScaleDownProgressingThreshold added in v1.5.0

func (h *DefaultHealthChecker) WithScaleDownProgressingThreshold(d time.Duration) *DefaultHealthChecker

WithScaleDownProgressingThreshold sets the scaleDownProgressingThreshold property.

func (*DefaultHealthChecker) WithScaleUpProgressingThreshold added in v1.5.0

func (h *DefaultHealthChecker) WithScaleUpProgressingThreshold(d time.Duration) *DefaultHealthChecker

WithScaleUpProgressingThreshold sets the scaleUpProgressingThreshold property.

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