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func CloudConfigFromOperatingSystemConfig

func CloudConfigFromOperatingSystemConfig(ctx context.Context, c client.Client, config *extensionsv1alpha1.OperatingSystemConfig, generator commonosgenerator.Generator) ([]byte, *string, error)

CloudConfigFromOperatingSystemConfig generates a CloudConfig from an OperatingSystemConfig using a Generator

func DataForFileContent

func DataForFileContent(ctx context.Context, c client.Client, namespace string, content *extensionsv1alpha1.FileContent) ([]byte, error)

DataForFileContent returns the content for a FileContent, retrieving from a Secret if necessary.

func NewActuator

func NewActuator(osName string, generator generator.Generator) operatingsystemconfig.Actuator

NewActuator creates a new actuator with the given logger.

func OperatingSystemConfigUnitNames

func OperatingSystemConfigUnitNames(config *extensionsv1alpha1.OperatingSystemConfig) []string

OperatingSystemConfigUnitNames returns the names of the units in the OperatingSystemConfig


type Actuator

type Actuator struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Actuator uses a generator to render an OperatingSystemConfiguration for an Operating System

func (*Actuator) Delete

Delete ignores the deletion of OperatingSystemConfig

func (*Actuator) InjectClient

func (a *Actuator) InjectClient(client client.Client) error

InjectClient injects a Client to the Actuator

func (*Actuator) InjectScheme

func (a *Actuator) InjectScheme(scheme *runtime.Scheme) error

InjectScheme injects a runtime Scheme to the Actuator

func (*Actuator) Migrate added in v1.4.0

Migrate ignores the deletion of OperatingSystemConfig

func (*Actuator) Reconcile

Reconcile reconciles the update of a OperatingSystemConfig regenerating the os-specific format

func (*Actuator) Restore added in v1.4.0

Restore reconciles the update of a OperatingSystemConfig regenerating the os-specific format

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