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var IsInGardenNamespacePredicate = predicate.NewPredicateFuncs(func(obj client.Object) bool {
	return obj != nil && obj.GetNamespace() == v1beta1constants.GardenNamespace

IsInGardenNamespacePredicate is a predicate which returns true when the provided object is in the 'garden' namespace.


func AddTypePredicate

func AddTypePredicate(predicates []predicate.Predicate, extensionTypes ...string) []predicate.Predicate

AddTypePredicate returns a new slice which contains a type predicate and the given `predicates`. if more than one extensionTypes is given all given types are or combined

func ClusterShootKubernetesVersionForCSIMigrationAtLeast added in v1.22.6

func ClusterShootKubernetesVersionForCSIMigrationAtLeast(kubernetesVersion string) predicate.Predicate

ClusterShootKubernetesVersionForCSIMigrationAtLeast is a predicate for the kubernetes version of the shoot in the cluster resource.

func ClusterShootProviderType

func ClusterShootProviderType(providerType string) predicate.Predicate

ClusterShootProviderType is a predicate for the provider type of the shoot in the cluster resource.

func DefaultControllerPredicates added in v1.39.0

func DefaultControllerPredicates(ignoreOperationAnnotation bool, preconditions ...predicate.Predicate) []predicate.Predicate

DefaultControllerPredicates returns the default predicates for extension controllers. If the operation annotation is ignored then the only returned predicate is the 'GenerationChangedPredicate'.

func GardenCoreProviderType added in v1.4.0

func GardenCoreProviderType(providerType string) predicate.Predicate

GardenCoreProviderType is a predicate for the provider type of a `gardencore.Object` implementation.

func HasPurpose

func HasPurpose(purpose extensionsv1alpha1.Purpose) predicate.Predicate

HasPurpose filters the incoming ControlPlanes for the given spec.purpose.

func HasType

func HasType(typeName string) predicate.Predicate

HasType filters the incoming OperatingSystemConfigs for ones that have the same type as the given type.

func ShootNotFailedPredicate added in v1.39.0

func ShootNotFailedPredicate() predicate.Predicate

ShootNotFailedPredicate returns a predicate which returns true when the Shoot's `.status.lastOperation.state` is not equals 'Failed'.


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