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var DefaultSyncPeriod = 5 * time.Minute

DefaultSyncPeriod is the default sync period for the certificate reconciler and reloader.


func AddCertificateManagementToManager

func AddCertificateManagementToManager(
	ctx context.Context,
	mgr manager.Manager,
	clock clock.Clock,
	seedWebhookConfig, shootWebhookConfig *admissionregistrationv1.MutatingWebhookConfiguration,
	atomicShootWebhookConfig *atomic.Value,
	extensionName string,
	shootWebhookManagedResourceName string,
	shootNamespaceSelector map[string]string,
	namespace, mode, url string,
) error

AddCertificateManagementToManager adds reconcilers to the given manager that manage the webhook certificates, namely - generate and auto-rotate the webhook CA and server cert using a secrets manager (in leader only) - fetch current webhook server cert and write it to disk for the webhook server to pick up (in all replicas)

func GenerateUnmanagedCertificates

func GenerateUnmanagedCertificates(providerName, certDir, mode, url string) ([]byte, error)

GenerateUnmanagedCertificates generates a one-off CA and server cert for a webhook server. The server certificate and key are written to certDir. This is useful for local development.


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