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func GetManagedSeed added in v1.40.0

func GetManagedSeed(ctx context.Context, seedManagementClient versioned.Interface, shootNamespace, shootName string) (*seedmanagementv1alpha1.ManagedSeed, error)

GetManagedSeed gets the ManagedSeed resource for the given shoot namespace and name, by searching for all ManagedSeeds in the shoot namespace that have spec.shoot.name set to the shoot name. If no such ManagedSeeds are found, nil is returned.

func IsSeedUsedByShoot added in v1.10.0

func IsSeedUsedByShoot(seedName string, shoots []*core.Shoot) bool

IsSeedUsedByShoot checks whether there is a shoot cluster referencing the provided seed name

func ProjectForNamespaceFromInternalLister added in v1.40.0

func ProjectForNamespaceFromInternalLister(projectLister internalversion.ProjectLister, namespaceName string) (*core.Project, error)

ProjectForNamespaceFromInternalLister returns the Project responsible for a given <namespace>. It lists all Projects via the given lister, iterates over them and tries to identify the Project by looking for the namespace name in the project spec.

func SkipVerification

func SkipVerification(operation admission.Operation, metadata metav1.ObjectMeta) bool

SkipVerification is a common function to skip object verification during admission


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