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const PodNodeName = "spec.nodeName"

PodNodeName is a constant for the spec.nodeName field selector in pods.


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func AddBackupBucketSeedName

func AddBackupBucketSeedName(ctx context.Context, indexer client.FieldIndexer) error

AddBackupBucketSeedName adds an index for core.BackupBucketSeedName to the given indexer.

func AddBackupEntryBucketName added in v1.60.0

func AddBackupEntryBucketName(ctx context.Context, indexer client.FieldIndexer) error

AddBackupEntryBucketName adds an index for core.BackupEntryBucketName to the given indexer.

func AddBackupEntrySeedName added in v1.56.0

func AddBackupEntrySeedName(ctx context.Context, indexer client.FieldIndexer) error

AddBackupEntrySeedName adds an index for core.BackupEntrySeedName to the given indexer.

func AddBastionShootName

func AddBastionShootName(ctx context.Context, indexer client.FieldIndexer) error

AddBastionShootName adds an index for operations.BastionShootName to the given indexer.

func AddControllerInstallationRegistrationRefName added in v1.56.0

func AddControllerInstallationRegistrationRefName(ctx context.Context, indexer client.FieldIndexer) error

AddControllerInstallationRegistrationRefName adds an index for core.ControllerInstallationRegistrationRefName to the given indexer.

func AddControllerInstallationSeedRefName

func AddControllerInstallationSeedRefName(ctx context.Context, indexer client.FieldIndexer) error

AddControllerInstallationSeedRefName adds an index for core.ControllerInstallationSeedRefName to the given indexer.

func AddInternalSecretType added in v1.73.0

func AddInternalSecretType(ctx context.Context, indexer client.FieldIndexer) error

AddInternalSecretType adds an index for core.InternalSecretType to the given indexer.

func AddManagedSeedShootName

func AddManagedSeedShootName(ctx context.Context, indexer client.FieldIndexer) error

AddManagedSeedShootName adds an index for seedmanagement.ManagedSeedShootName to the given indexer.

func AddPodNodeName added in v1.65.0

func AddPodNodeName(ctx context.Context, indexer client.FieldIndexer) error

AddPodNodeName adds an index for PodNodeName to the given indexer.

func AddProjectNamespace

func AddProjectNamespace(ctx context.Context, indexer client.FieldIndexer) error

AddProjectNamespace adds an index for core.ProjectNamespace to the given indexer.

func AddShootSeedName

func AddShootSeedName(ctx context.Context, indexer client.FieldIndexer) error

AddShootSeedName adds an index for core.ShootSeedName to the given indexer.

func AddShootStatusSeedName added in v1.56.0

func AddShootStatusSeedName(ctx context.Context, indexer client.FieldIndexer) error

AddShootStatusSeedName adds an index for core.ShootStatusSeedName to the given indexer.

func BackupBucketSeedNameIndexerFunc added in v1.64.0

func BackupBucketSeedNameIndexerFunc(obj client.Object) []string

BackupBucketSeedNameIndexerFunc extracts the .spec.seedName field of a BackupBucket.

func BackupEntryBucketNameIndexerFunc added in v1.75.0

func BackupEntryBucketNameIndexerFunc(obj client.Object) []string

BackupEntryBucketNameIndexerFunc extracts the .spec.bucketName field of a BackupEntry.

func BastionShootNameIndexerFunc added in v1.64.0

func BastionShootNameIndexerFunc(obj client.Object) []string

BastionShootNameIndexerFunc extracts the field of a Bastion.

func ControllerInstallationRegistrationRefNameIndexerFunc added in v1.78.0

func ControllerInstallationRegistrationRefNameIndexerFunc(obj client.Object) []string

ControllerInstallationRegistrationRefNameIndexerFunc extracts the field of a ControllerInstallation.

func ControllerInstallationSeedRefNameIndexerFunc added in v1.64.0

func ControllerInstallationSeedRefNameIndexerFunc(obj client.Object) []string

ControllerInstallationSeedRefNameIndexerFunc extracts the field of a ControllerInstallation.

func InternalSecretTypeIndexerFunc added in v1.73.0

func InternalSecretTypeIndexerFunc(obj client.Object) []string

InternalSecretTypeIndexerFunc extracts the .type field of an InternalSecret.

func ManagedSeedShootNameIndexerFunc added in v1.64.0

func ManagedSeedShootNameIndexerFunc(obj client.Object) []string

ManagedSeedShootNameIndexerFunc extracts the field of a ManagedSeed.

func ProjectNamespaceIndexerFunc added in v1.64.0

func ProjectNamespaceIndexerFunc(obj client.Object) []string

ProjectNamespaceIndexerFunc extracts the .spec.namespace field of a Project.


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