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Package raylib - Go bindings for raylib, a simple and easy-to-use library to learn videogames programming.

raylib is highly inspired by Borland BGI graphics lib and by XNA framework.

raylib could be useful for prototyping, tools development, graphic applications, embedded systems and education.

NOTE for ADVENTURERS: raylib is a programming library to learn videogames programming; no fancy interface, no visual helpers, no auto-debugging... just coding in the most pure spartan-programmers way.


package main

import "github.com/gen2brain/raylib-go/raylib"

func main() {
	rl.InitWindow(800, 450, "raylib [core] example - basic window")


	for !rl.WindowShouldClose() {


		rl.DrawText("Congrats! You created your first window!", 190, 200, 20, rl.LightGray)





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const (
	Pi      = 3.1415927
	Deg2rad = 0.017453292
	Rad2deg = 57.295776

	// Set to try enabling V-Sync on GPU
	FlagVsyncHint = 0x00000040
	// Set to run program in fullscreen
	FlagFullscreenMode = 0x00000002
	// Set to allow resizable window
	FlagWindowResizable = 0x00000004
	// Set to disable window decoration (frame and buttons)
	FlagWindowUndecorated = 0x00000008
	// Set to hide window
	FlagWindowHidden = 0x00000080
	// Set to minimize window (iconify)
	FlagWindowMinimized = 0x00000200
	// Set to maximize window (expanded to monitor)
	FlagWindowMaximized = 0x00000400
	// Set to window non focused
	FlagWindowUnfocused = 0x00000800
	// Set to window always on top
	FlagWindowTopmost = 0x00001000
	// Set to allow windows running while minimized
	FlagWindowAlwaysRun = 0x00000100
	// Set to allow transparent window
	FlagWindowTransparent = 0x00000010
	// Set to support HighDPI
	FlagWindowHighdpi = 0x00002000
	// Set to try enabling MSAA 4X
	FlagMsaa4xHint = 0x00000020
	// Set to try enabling interlaced video format (for V3D)
	FlagInterlacedHint = 0x00010000

	// Keyboard Function Keys
	KeySpace        = 32
	KeyEscape       = 256
	KeyEnter        = 257
	KeyTab          = 258
	KeyBackspace    = 259
	KeyInsert       = 260
	KeyDelete       = 261
	KeyRight        = 262
	KeyLeft         = 263
	KeyDown         = 264
	KeyUp           = 265
	KeyPageUp       = 266
	KeyPageDown     = 267
	KeyHome         = 268
	KeyEnd          = 269
	KeyCapsLock     = 280
	KeyScrollLock   = 281
	KeyNumLock      = 282
	KeyPrintScreen  = 283
	KeyPause        = 284
	KeyF1           = 290
	KeyF2           = 291
	KeyF3           = 292
	KeyF4           = 293
	KeyF5           = 294
	KeyF6           = 295
	KeyF7           = 296
	KeyF8           = 297
	KeyF9           = 298
	KeyF10          = 299
	KeyF11          = 300
	KeyF12          = 301
	KeyLeftShift    = 340
	KeyLeftControl  = 341
	KeyLeftAlt      = 342
	KeyLeftSuper    = 343
	KeyRightShift   = 344
	KeyRightControl = 345
	KeyRightAlt     = 346
	KeyRightSuper   = 347
	KeyKbMenu       = 348
	KeyLeftBracket  = 91
	KeyBackSlash    = 92
	KeyRightBracket = 93
	KeyGrave        = 96

	// Keyboard Number Pad Keys
	KeyKp0        = 320
	KeyKp1        = 321
	KeyKp2        = 322
	KeyKp3        = 323
	KeyKp4        = 324
	KeyKp5        = 325
	KeyKp6        = 326
	KeyKp7        = 327
	KeyKp8        = 328
	KeyKp9        = 329
	KeyKpDecimal  = 330
	KeyKpDivide   = 331
	KeyKpMultiply = 332
	KeyKpSubtract = 333
	KeyKpAdd      = 334
	KeyKpEnter    = 335
	KeyKpEqual    = 336

	// Keyboard Alpha Numeric Keys
	KeyApostrophe = 39
	KeyComma      = 44
	KeyMinus      = 45
	KeyPeriod     = 46
	KeySlash      = 47
	KeyZero       = 48
	KeyOne        = 49
	KeyTwo        = 50
	KeyThree      = 51
	KeyFour       = 52
	KeyFive       = 53
	KeySix        = 54
	KeySeven      = 55
	KeyEight      = 56
	KeyNine       = 57
	KeySemicolon  = 59
	KeyEqual      = 61
	KeyA          = 65
	KeyB          = 66
	KeyC          = 67
	KeyD          = 68
	KeyE          = 69
	KeyF          = 70
	KeyG          = 71
	KeyH          = 72
	KeyI          = 73
	KeyJ          = 74
	KeyK          = 75
	KeyL          = 76
	KeyM          = 77
	KeyN          = 78
	KeyO          = 79
	KeyP          = 80
	KeyQ          = 81
	KeyR          = 82
	KeyS          = 83
	KeyT          = 84
	KeyU          = 85
	KeyV          = 86
	KeyW          = 87
	KeyX          = 88
	KeyY          = 89
	KeyZ          = 90

	// Android keys
	KeyBack       = 4
	KeyMenu       = 82
	KeyVolumeUp   = 24
	KeyVolumeDown = 25

	// Mouse Buttons
	MouseLeftButton   = 0
	MouseRightButton  = 1
	MouseMiddleButton = 2

	// Touch points registered
	MaxTouchPoints = 2

	// Gamepad Number
	GamepadPlayer1 = 0
	GamepadPlayer2 = 1
	GamepadPlayer3 = 2
	GamepadPlayer4 = 3

	// PS3 USB Controller Buttons
	GamepadPs3ButtonTriangle = 0
	GamepadPs3ButtonCircle   = 1
	GamepadPs3ButtonCross    = 2
	GamepadPs3ButtonSquare   = 3
	GamepadPs3ButtonL1       = 6
	GamepadPs3ButtonR1       = 7
	GamepadPs3ButtonL2       = 4
	GamepadPs3ButtonR2       = 5
	GamepadPs3ButtonStart    = 8
	GamepadPs3ButtonSelect   = 9
	GamepadPs3ButtonUp       = 24
	GamepadPs3ButtonRight    = 25
	GamepadPs3ButtonDown     = 26
	GamepadPs3ButtonLeft     = 27
	GamepadPs3ButtonPs       = 12

	// PS3 USB Controller Axis
	GamepadPs3AxisLeftX  = 0
	GamepadPs3AxisLeftY  = 1
	GamepadPs3AxisRightX = 2
	GamepadPs3AxisRightY = 5
	// [1..-1] (pressure-level)
	GamepadPs3AxisL2 = 3
	// [1..-1] (pressure-level)
	GamepadPs3AxisR2 = 4

	// Xbox360 USB Controller Buttons
	GamepadXboxButtonA      = 0
	GamepadXboxButtonB      = 1
	GamepadXboxButtonX      = 2
	GamepadXboxButtonY      = 3
	GamepadXboxButtonLb     = 4
	GamepadXboxButtonRb     = 5
	GamepadXboxButtonSelect = 6
	GamepadXboxButtonStart  = 7
	GamepadXboxButtonUp     = 10
	GamepadXboxButtonRight  = 11
	GamepadXboxButtonDown   = 12
	GamepadXboxButtonLeft   = 13
	GamepadXboxButtonHome   = 8

	// Android Gamepad Controller (SNES CLASSIC)
	GamepadAndroidDpadUp     = 19
	GamepadAndroidDpadDown   = 20
	GamepadAndroidDpadLeft   = 21
	GamepadAndroidDpadRight  = 22
	GamepadAndroidDpadCenter = 23

	GamepadAndroidButtonA  = 96
	GamepadAndroidButtonB  = 97
	GamepadAndroidButtonC  = 98
	GamepadAndroidButtonX  = 99
	GamepadAndroidButtonY  = 100
	GamepadAndroidButtonZ  = 101
	GamepadAndroidButtonL1 = 102
	GamepadAndroidButtonR1 = 103
	GamepadAndroidButtonL2 = 104
	GamepadAndroidButtonR2 = 105

	// Xbox360 USB Controller Axis
	// [-1..1] (left->right)
	GamepadXboxAxisLeftX = 0
	// [1..-1] (up->down)
	GamepadXboxAxisLeftY = 1
	// [-1..1] (left->right)
	GamepadXboxAxisRightX = 2
	// [1..-1] (up->down)
	GamepadXboxAxisRightY = 3
	// [-1..1] (pressure-level)
	GamepadXboxAxisLt = 4
	// [-1..1] (pressure-level)
	GamepadXboxAxisRt = 5

Some basic Defines

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const (
	LocVertexPosition = iota

Shader location point type

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const (
	MapAlbedo = iota

Material map type

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const (
	MapDiffuse     = MapAlbedo
	MapSpecular    = MapMetalness
	LocMapDiffuse  = LocMapAlbedo
	LocMapSpecular = LocMapMetalness

Material map type

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const (
	// Maximum number of predefined locations stored in shader struct
	MaxShaderLocations = 32
	// Maximum number of texture maps stored in shader struct
	MaxMaterialMaps = 12

Shader and material limits

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const (
	LogAll = iota

Log message types


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var (
	// Light Gray
	LightGray = NewColor(200, 200, 200, 255)
	// Gray
	Gray = NewColor(130, 130, 130, 255)
	// Dark Gray
	DarkGray = NewColor(80, 80, 80, 255)
	// Yellow
	Yellow = NewColor(253, 249, 0, 255)
	// Gold
	Gold = NewColor(255, 203, 0, 255)
	// Orange
	Orange = NewColor(255, 161, 0, 255)
	// Pink
	Pink = NewColor(255, 109, 194, 255)
	// Red
	Red = NewColor(230, 41, 55, 255)
	// Maroon
	Maroon = NewColor(190, 33, 55, 255)
	// Green
	Green = NewColor(0, 228, 48, 255)
	// Lime
	Lime = NewColor(0, 158, 47, 255)
	// Dark Green
	DarkGreen = NewColor(0, 117, 44, 255)
	// Sky Blue
	SkyBlue = NewColor(102, 191, 255, 255)
	// Blue
	Blue = NewColor(0, 121, 241, 255)
	// Dark Blue
	DarkBlue = NewColor(0, 82, 172, 255)
	// Purple
	Purple = NewColor(200, 122, 255, 255)
	// Violet
	Violet = NewColor(135, 60, 190, 255)
	// Dark Purple
	DarkPurple = NewColor(112, 31, 126, 255)
	// Beige
	Beige = NewColor(211, 176, 131, 255)
	// Brown
	Brown = NewColor(127, 106, 79, 255)
	// Dark Brown
	DarkBrown = NewColor(76, 63, 47, 255)
	// White
	White = NewColor(255, 255, 255, 255)
	// Black
	Black = NewColor(0, 0, 0, 255)
	// Blank (Transparent)
	Blank = NewColor(0, 0, 0, 0)
	// Magenta
	Magenta = NewColor(255, 0, 255, 255)
	// Ray White (RayLib Logo White)
	RayWhite = NewColor(245, 245, 245, 255)

Some Basic Colors NOTE: Custom raylib color palette for amazing visuals on WHITE background


func BeginBlendMode

func BeginBlendMode(mode BlendMode)

BeginBlendMode - Begin blending mode (alpha, additive, multiplied)

func BeginDrawing

func BeginDrawing()

BeginDrawing - Setup drawing canvas to start drawing

func BeginMode2D

func BeginMode2D(camera Camera2D)

BeginMode2D - Initialize 2D mode with custom camera

func BeginMode3D

func BeginMode3D(camera Camera)

BeginMode3D - Initializes 3D mode for drawing (Camera setup)

func BeginScissorMode

func BeginScissorMode(x, y, width, height int32)

BeginScissorMode - Begins scissor mode (define screen area for following drawing)

func BeginShaderMode

func BeginShaderMode(shader Shader)

BeginShaderMode - Begin custom shader drawing

func BeginTextureMode

func BeginTextureMode(target RenderTexture2D)

BeginTextureMode - Initializes render texture for drawing

func CheckCollisionBoxSphere

func CheckCollisionBoxSphere(box BoundingBox, centerSphere Vector3, radiusSphere float32) bool

CheckCollisionBoxSphere - Detect collision between box and sphere

func CheckCollisionBoxes

func CheckCollisionBoxes(box1 BoundingBox, box2 BoundingBox) bool

CheckCollisionBoxes - Detect collision between two bounding boxes

func CheckCollisionCircleRec

func CheckCollisionCircleRec(center Vector2, radius float32, rec Rectangle) bool

CheckCollisionCircleRec - Check collision between circle and rectangle

func CheckCollisionCircles

func CheckCollisionCircles(center1 Vector2, radius1 float32, center2 Vector2, radius2 float32) bool

CheckCollisionCircles - Check collision between two circles

func CheckCollisionLines

func CheckCollisionLines(startPos1, endPos1, startPos2, endPos2 Vector2, point *Vector2) bool

CheckCollisionLines - Check the collision between two lines defined by two points each, returns collision point by reference

func CheckCollisionPointCircle

func CheckCollisionPointCircle(point Vector2, center Vector2, radius float32) bool

CheckCollisionPointCircle - Check if point is inside circle

func CheckCollisionPointLine

func CheckCollisionPointLine(point, p1, p2 Vector2, threshold int32) bool

CheckCollisionPointLine - Check if point belongs to line created between two points [p1] and [p2] with defined margin in pixels [threshold]

func CheckCollisionPointRec

func CheckCollisionPointRec(point Vector2, rec Rectangle) bool

CheckCollisionPointRec - Check if point is inside rectangle

func CheckCollisionPointTriangle

func CheckCollisionPointTriangle(point, p1, p2, p3 Vector2) bool

CheckCollisionPointTriangle - Check if point is inside a triangle

func CheckCollisionRecs

func CheckCollisionRecs(rec1, rec2 Rectangle) bool

CheckCollisionRecs - Check collision between two rectangles

func CheckCollisionSpheres

func CheckCollisionSpheres(centerA Vector3, radiusA float32, centerB Vector3, radiusB float32) bool

CheckCollisionSpheres - Detect collision between two spheres

func Clamp

func Clamp(value, min, max float32) float32

Clamp - Clamp float value

func ClearBackground

func ClearBackground(col color.RGBA)

ClearBackground - Sets Background Color

func ClearDroppedFiles

func ClearDroppedFiles()

ClearDroppedFiles - Clear dropped files paths buffer

func ClearWindowState

func ClearWindowState(flags uint32)

ClearWindowState - Clear window configuration state flags

func CloseAudioDevice

func CloseAudioDevice()

CloseAudioDevice - Close the audio device and context

func CloseWindow

func CloseWindow()

CloseWindow - Close Window and Terminate Context

func ColorAlpha

func ColorAlpha(col color.RGBA, alpha float32) color.RGBA

ColorAlpha - Returns color with alpha applied, alpha goes from 0.0f to 1.0f

func ColorAlphaBlend

func ColorAlphaBlend(src, dst, tint color.RGBA) color.RGBA

ColorAlphaBlend - Returns src alpha-blended into dst color with tint

func ColorFromHSV

func ColorFromHSV(hue, saturation, value float32) color.RGBA

ColorFromHSV - Returns a Color from HSV values, hue [0..360], saturation/value [0..1]

func ColorFromNormalized

func ColorFromNormalized(normalized Vector4) color.RGBA

ColorFromNormalized - Returns Color from normalized values [0..1]

func ColorToInt

func ColorToInt(col color.RGBA) int32

ColorToInt - Returns hexadecimal value for a Color

func DisableCursor

func DisableCursor()

DisableCursor - Disables cursor

func DrawBillboard

func DrawBillboard(camera Camera, texture Texture2D, center Vector3, size float32, tint color.RGBA)

DrawBillboard - Draw a billboard texture

func DrawBillboardRec

func DrawBillboardRec(camera Camera, texture Texture2D, sourceRec Rectangle, center Vector3, size Vector2, tint color.RGBA)

DrawBillboardRec - Draw a billboard texture defined by sourceRec

func DrawBoundingBox

func DrawBoundingBox(box BoundingBox, col color.RGBA)

DrawBoundingBox - Draw bounding box (wires)

func DrawCircle

func DrawCircle(centerX, centerY int32, radius float32, col color.RGBA)

DrawCircle - Draw a color-filled circle

func DrawCircle3D

func DrawCircle3D(center Vector3, radius float32, rotationAxis Vector3, rotationAngle float32, col color.RGBA)

DrawCircle3D - Draw a circle in 3D world space

func DrawCircleGradient

func DrawCircleGradient(centerX, centerY int32, radius float32, col1, col2 color.RGBA)

DrawCircleGradient - Draw a gradient-filled circle

func DrawCircleLines

func DrawCircleLines(centerX, centerY int32, radius float32, col color.RGBA)

DrawCircleLines - Draw circle outline

func DrawCircleSector

func DrawCircleSector(center Vector2, radius, startAngle, endAngle float32, segments int32, col color.RGBA)

DrawCircleSector - Draw a piece of a circle

func DrawCircleSectorLines

func DrawCircleSectorLines(center Vector2, radius, startAngle, endAngle float32, segments int32, col color.RGBA)

DrawCircleSectorLines -

func DrawCircleV

func DrawCircleV(center Vector2, radius float32, col color.RGBA)

DrawCircleV - Draw a color-filled circle (Vector version)

func DrawCube

func DrawCube(position Vector3, width float32, height float32, length float32, col color.RGBA)

DrawCube - Draw cube

func DrawCubeTexture

func DrawCubeTexture(texture Texture2D, position Vector3, width float32, height float32, length float32, col color.RGBA)

DrawCubeTexture - Draw cube textured

func DrawCubeV

func DrawCubeV(position Vector3, size Vector3, col color.RGBA)

DrawCubeV - Draw cube (Vector version)

func DrawCubeWires

func DrawCubeWires(position Vector3, width float32, height float32, length float32, col color.RGBA)

DrawCubeWires - Draw cube wires

func DrawCubeWiresV

func DrawCubeWiresV(position Vector3, size Vector3, col color.RGBA)

DrawCubeWiresV - Draw cube wires (Vector version)

func DrawCylinder

func DrawCylinder(position Vector3, radiusTop float32, radiusBottom float32, height float32, slices int32, col color.RGBA)

DrawCylinder - Draw a cylinder/cone

func DrawCylinderWires

func DrawCylinderWires(position Vector3, radiusTop float32, radiusBottom float32, height float32, slices int32, col color.RGBA)

DrawCylinderWires - Draw a cylinder/cone wires

func DrawEllipse

func DrawEllipse(centerX, centerY int32, radiusH, radiusV float32, col color.RGBA)

DrawEllipse - Draw ellipse

func DrawEllipseLines

func DrawEllipseLines(centerX, centerY int32, radiusH, radiusV float32, col color.RGBA)

DrawEllipseLines - Draw ellipse outline

func DrawFPS

func DrawFPS(posX int32, posY int32)

DrawFPS - Shows current FPS

func DrawGrid

func DrawGrid(slices int32, spacing float32)

DrawGrid - Draw a grid (centered at (0, 0, 0))

func DrawLine

func DrawLine(startPosX, startPosY, endPosX, endPosY int32, col color.RGBA)

DrawLine - Draw a line

func DrawLine3D

func DrawLine3D(startPos Vector3, endPos Vector3, col color.RGBA)

DrawLine3D - Draw a line in 3D world space

func DrawLineBezier

func DrawLineBezier(startPos, endPos Vector2, thick float32, col color.RGBA)

DrawLineBezier - Draw a line using cubic-bezier curves in-out

func DrawLineBezierCubic

func DrawLineBezierCubic(startPos Vector2, endPos Vector2, startControlPos Vector2, endControlPos Vector2, thick float32, col color.RGBA)

DrawLineBezierCubic - Draw line using cubic bezier curves with 2 contrl points

func DrawLineBezierQuad

func DrawLineBezierQuad(startPos Vector2, endPos Vector2, controlPos Vector2, thick float32, col color.RGBA)

DrawLineBezierQuad - Draw line using quadratic bezier curves with a control point

func DrawLineEx

func DrawLineEx(startPos, endPos Vector2, thick float32, col color.RGBA)

DrawLineEx - Draw a line defining thickness

func DrawLineStrip

func DrawLineStrip(points []Vector2, pointCount int32, col color.RGBA)

DrawLineStrip - Draw lines sequence

func DrawLineV

func DrawLineV(startPos, endPos Vector2, col color.RGBA)

DrawLineV - Draw a line (Vector version)

func DrawMesh

func DrawMesh(mesh Mesh, material Material, transform Matrix)

DrawMesh - Draw a single mesh

func DrawMeshInstanced

func DrawMeshInstanced(mesh Mesh, material Material, transforms []Matrix, instances int)

DrawMeshInstanced - Draw mesh with instanced rendering

func DrawModel

func DrawModel(model Model, position Vector3, scale float32, tint color.RGBA)

DrawModel - Draw a model (with texture if set)

func DrawModelEx

func DrawModelEx(model Model, position Vector3, rotationAxis Vector3, rotationAngle float32, scale Vector3, tint color.RGBA)

DrawModelEx - Draw a model with extended parameters

func DrawModelWires

func DrawModelWires(model Model, position Vector3, scale float32, tint color.RGBA)

DrawModelWires - Draw a model wires (with texture if set)

func DrawModelWiresEx

func DrawModelWiresEx(model Model, position Vector3, rotationAxis Vector3, rotationAngle float32, scale Vector3, tint color.RGBA)

DrawModelWiresEx - Draw a model wires (with texture if set) with extended parameters

func DrawPixel

func DrawPixel(posX, posY int32, col color.RGBA)

DrawPixel - Draw a pixel

func DrawPixelV

func DrawPixelV(position Vector2, col color.RGBA)

DrawPixelV - Draw a pixel (Vector version)

func DrawPlane

func DrawPlane(centerPos Vector3, size Vector2, col color.RGBA)

DrawPlane - Draw a plane XZ

func DrawPoint3D

func DrawPoint3D(position Vector3, col color.RGBA)

DrawPoint3D - Draw a point in 3D space, actually a small line

func DrawPoly

func DrawPoly(center Vector2, sides int32, radius, rotation float32, col color.RGBA)

DrawPoly - Draw a regular polygon (Vector version)

func DrawPolyLines

func DrawPolyLines(center Vector2, sides int32, radius, rotation float32, col color.RGBA)

DrawPolyLines - Draw a polygon outline of n sides

func DrawPolyLinesEx

func DrawPolyLinesEx(center Vector2, sides int32, radius float32, rotation float32, lineThick float32, col color.RGBA)

DrawPolyLinesEx - Draw a polygon outline of n sides with extended parameters

func DrawRay

func DrawRay(ray Ray, col color.RGBA)

DrawRay - Draw a ray line

func DrawRectangle

func DrawRectangle(posX, posY, width, height int32, col color.RGBA)

DrawRectangle - Draw a color-filled rectangle

func DrawRectangleGradientEx

func DrawRectangleGradientEx(rec Rectangle, col1, col2, col3, col4 color.RGBA)

DrawRectangleGradientEx - Draw a gradient-filled rectangle with custom vertex colors

func DrawRectangleGradientH

func DrawRectangleGradientH(posX, posY, width, height int32, col1, col2 color.RGBA)

DrawRectangleGradientH - Draw a horizontal-gradient-filled rectangle

func DrawRectangleGradientV

func DrawRectangleGradientV(posX, posY, width, height int32, col1, col2 color.RGBA)

DrawRectangleGradientV - Draw a vertical-gradient-filled rectangle

func DrawRectangleLines

func DrawRectangleLines(posX, posY, width, height int32, col color.RGBA)

DrawRectangleLines - Draw rectangle outline

func DrawRectangleLinesEx

func DrawRectangleLinesEx(rec Rectangle, lineThick float32, col color.RGBA)

DrawRectangleLinesEx - Draw rectangle outline with extended parameters

func DrawRectanglePro

func DrawRectanglePro(rec Rectangle, origin Vector2, rotation float32, col color.RGBA)

DrawRectanglePro - Draw a color-filled rectangle with pro parameters

func DrawRectangleRec

func DrawRectangleRec(rec Rectangle, col color.RGBA)

DrawRectangleRec - Draw a color-filled rectangle

func DrawRectangleRounded

func DrawRectangleRounded(rec Rectangle, roundness float32, segments int32, col color.RGBA)

DrawRectangleRounded - Draw rectangle with rounded edges

func DrawRectangleRoundedLines

func DrawRectangleRoundedLines(rec Rectangle, roundness float32, segments, lineThick float32, col color.RGBA)

DrawRectangleRoundedLines - Draw rectangle with rounded edges outline

func DrawRectangleV

func DrawRectangleV(position Vector2, size Vector2, col color.RGBA)

DrawRectangleV - Draw a color-filled rectangle (Vector version)

func DrawRing

func DrawRing(center Vector2, innerRadius, outerRadius, startAngle, endAngle float32, segments int32, col color.RGBA)

DrawRing -

func DrawRingLines

func DrawRingLines(center Vector2, innerRadius, outerRadius, startAngle, endAngle float32, segments int32, col color.RGBA)

DrawRingLines -

func DrawSphere

func DrawSphere(centerPos Vector3, radius float32, col color.RGBA)

DrawSphere - Draw sphere

func DrawSphereEx

func DrawSphereEx(centerPos Vector3, radius float32, rings int32, slices int32, col color.RGBA)

DrawSphereEx - Draw sphere with extended parameters

func DrawSphereWires

func DrawSphereWires(centerPos Vector3, radius float32, rings int32, slices int32, col color.RGBA)

DrawSphereWires - Draw sphere wires

func DrawText

func DrawText(text string, posX int32, posY int32, fontSize int32, col color.RGBA)

DrawText - Draw text (using default font)

func DrawTextEx

func DrawTextEx(font Font, text string, position Vector2, fontSize float32, spacing float32, tint color.RGBA)

DrawTextEx - Draw text using Font and additional parameters

func DrawTexture

func DrawTexture(texture Texture2D, posX int32, posY int32, tint color.RGBA)

DrawTexture - Draw a Texture2D

func DrawTextureEx

func DrawTextureEx(texture Texture2D, position Vector2, rotation, scale float32, tint color.RGBA)

DrawTextureEx - Draw a Texture2D with extended parameters

func DrawTexturePro

func DrawTexturePro(texture Texture2D, sourceRec, destRec Rectangle, origin Vector2, rotation float32, tint color.RGBA)

DrawTexturePro - Draw a part of a texture defined by a rectangle with 'pro' parameters

func DrawTextureRec

func DrawTextureRec(texture Texture2D, sourceRec Rectangle, position Vector2, tint color.RGBA)

DrawTextureRec - Draw a part of a texture defined by a rectangle

func DrawTextureTiled

func DrawTextureTiled(texture Texture2D, sourceRec, destRec Rectangle, origin Vector2, rotation float32, scale float32, tint color.RGBA)

DrawTextureTiled - Draw part of a texture (defined by a rectangle) with rotation and scale tiled into dest

func DrawTextureV

func DrawTextureV(texture Texture2D, position Vector2, tint color.RGBA)

DrawTextureV - Draw a Texture2D with position defined as Vector2

func DrawTriangle

func DrawTriangle(v1, v2, v3 Vector2, col color.RGBA)

DrawTriangle - Draw a color-filled triangle

func DrawTriangleFan

func DrawTriangleFan(points []Vector2, col color.RGBA)

DrawTriangleFan - Draw a triangle fan defined by points

func DrawTriangleLines

func DrawTriangleLines(v1, v2, v3 Vector2, col color.RGBA)

DrawTriangleLines - Draw triangle outline

func DrawTriangleStrip

func DrawTriangleStrip(points []Vector2, col color.RGBA)

DrawTriangleStrip - Draw a triangle strip defined by points

func EnableCursor

func EnableCursor()

EnableCursor - Enables cursor

func EndBlendMode

func EndBlendMode()

EndBlendMode - End blending mode (reset to default: alpha blending)

func EndDrawing

func EndDrawing()

EndDrawing - End canvas drawing and Swap Buffers (Double Buffering)

func EndMode2D

func EndMode2D()

EndMode2D - Ends 2D mode custom camera usage

func EndMode3D

func EndMode3D()

EndMode3D - Ends 3D mode and returns to default 2D orthographic mode

func EndScissorMode

func EndScissorMode()

EndScissorMode - Ends scissor mode

func EndShaderMode

func EndShaderMode()

EndShaderMode - End custom shader drawing (use default shader)

func EndTextureMode

func EndTextureMode()

EndTextureMode - Ends drawing to render texture

func ExportImage

func ExportImage(image Image, name string)

ExportImage - Export image as a PNG file

func ExportMesh

func ExportMesh(mesh Mesh, fileName string)

ExportMesh - Export mesh as an OBJ file

func ExportWave

func ExportWave(wave Wave, fileName string)

ExportWave - Export wave data to file

func Fade

func Fade(col color.RGBA, alpha float32) color.RGBA

Fade - Returns color with alpha applied, alpha goes from 0.0f to 1.0f

func GenTextureMipmaps

func GenTextureMipmaps(texture *Texture2D)

GenTextureMipmaps - Generate GPU mipmaps for a texture

func GetCharPressed

func GetCharPressed() int32

GetCharPressed - Get the last char pressed

func GetClipboardText

func GetClipboardText() string

GetClipboardText - Get clipboard text content

func GetColor

func GetColor(hexValue uint) color.RGBA

GetColor - Returns a Color struct from hexadecimal value

func GetCurrentMonitor

func GetCurrentMonitor() int

GetCurrentMonitor - Get current connected monitor

func GetDroppedFiles

func GetDroppedFiles(count *int32) []string

GetDroppedFiles - Retrieve dropped files into window

func GetFPS

func GetFPS() float32

GetFPS - Returns current FPS

func GetFrameTime

func GetFrameTime() float32

GetFrameTime - Returns time in seconds for one frame

func GetGamepadAxisCount

func GetGamepadAxisCount(gamepad int32) int32

GetGamepadAxisCount - Return gamepad axis count for a gamepad

func GetGamepadAxisMovement

func GetGamepadAxisMovement(gamepad, axis int32) float32

GetGamepadAxisMovement - Return axis movement value for a gamepad axis

func GetGamepadButtonPressed

func GetGamepadButtonPressed() int32

GetGamepadButtonPressed - Get the last gamepad button pressed

func GetGamepadName

func GetGamepadName(gamepad int32) string

GetGamepadName - Return gamepad internal name id

func GetGestureDragAngle

func GetGestureDragAngle() float32

GetGestureDragAngle - Get gesture drag angle

func GetGestureHoldDuration

func GetGestureHoldDuration() float32

GetGestureHoldDuration - Get gesture hold time in milliseconds

func GetGesturePinchAngle

func GetGesturePinchAngle() float32

GetGesturePinchAngle - Get gesture pinch angle

func GetGlyphIndex

func GetGlyphIndex(font Font, codepoint int32) int32

GetGlyphIndex - Get glyph index position in font for a codepoint (unicode character), fallback to '?' if not found

func GetImageColor

func GetImageColor(image Image, x, y int32) color.RGBA

GetImageColor - Get image pixel color at (x, y) position

func GetKeyPressed

func GetKeyPressed() int32

GetKeyPressed - Get latest key pressed

func GetMonitorCount

func GetMonitorCount() int

GetMonitorCount - Get number of connected monitors

func GetMonitorHeight

func GetMonitorHeight(monitor int) int

GetMonitorHeight - Get primary monitor height

func GetMonitorName

func GetMonitorName(monitor int) string

GetMonitorName - Get the human-readable, UTF-8 encoded name of the primary monitor

func GetMonitorPhysicalHeight

func GetMonitorPhysicalHeight(monitor int) int

GetMonitorPhysicalHeight - Get primary monitor physical height in millimetres

func GetMonitorPhysicalWidth

func GetMonitorPhysicalWidth(monitor int) int

GetMonitorPhysicalWidth - Get primary monitor physical width in millimetres

func GetMonitorRefreshRate

func GetMonitorRefreshRate(monitor int) int

GetMonitorRefreshRate - Get specified monitor refresh rate

func GetMonitorWidth

func GetMonitorWidth(monitor int) int

GetMonitorWidth - Get primary monitor width

func GetMouseWheelMove

func GetMouseWheelMove() int32

GetMouseWheelMove - Returns mouse wheel movement Y

func GetMouseX

func GetMouseX() int32

GetMouseX - Returns mouse position X

func GetMouseY

func GetMouseY() int32

GetMouseY - Returns mouse position Y

func GetMusicTimeLength

func GetMusicTimeLength(music Music) float32

GetMusicTimeLength - Get music time length (in seconds)

func GetMusicTimePlayed

func GetMusicTimePlayed(music Music) float32

GetMusicTimePlayed - Get current music time played (in seconds)

func GetPixelDataSize

func GetPixelDataSize(width, height, format int32) int32

GetPixelDataSize - Get pixel data size in bytes for certain format

func GetRandomValue

func GetRandomValue(min, max int32) int32

GetRandomValue - Returns a random value between min and max (both included)

func GetScreenHeight

func GetScreenHeight() int

GetScreenHeight - Get current screen height

func GetScreenWidth

func GetScreenWidth() int

GetScreenWidth - Get current screen width

func GetShaderLocation

func GetShaderLocation(shader Shader, uniformName string) int32

GetShaderLocation - Get shader uniform location

func GetShaderLocationAttrib

func GetShaderLocationAttrib(shader Shader, attribName string) int32

GetShaderLocationAttrib - Get shader attribute location

func GetSoundsPlaying

func GetSoundsPlaying() int

GetSoundsPlaying - Get number of sounds playing in the multichannel

func GetTime

func GetTime() float64

GetTime - Return time in seconds

func GetTouchPointCount

func GetTouchPointCount() int32

GetTouchPointCount - Get number of touch points

func GetTouchPointId

func GetTouchPointId(index int32) int32

GetTouchPointId - Get touch point identifier for given index

func GetTouchX

func GetTouchX() int32

GetTouchX - Returns touch position X for touch point 0 (relative to screen size)

func GetTouchY

func GetTouchY() int32

GetTouchY - Returns touch position Y for touch point 0 (relative to screen size)

func HideCursor

func HideCursor()

HideCursor - Hides cursor

func HomeDir

func HomeDir() string

HomeDir - Returns user home directory

func ImageAlphaClear

func ImageAlphaClear(image *Image, col color.RGBA, threshold float32)

ImageAlphaClear - Apply alpha mask to image

func ImageAlphaCrop

func ImageAlphaCrop(image *Image, threshold float32)

ImageAlphaCrop - Crop image depending on alpha value

func ImageAlphaMask

func ImageAlphaMask(image, alphaMask *Image)

ImageAlphaMask - Apply alpha mask to image

func ImageAlphaPremultiply

func ImageAlphaPremultiply(image *Image)

ImageAlphaPremultiply - Premultiply alpha channel

func ImageClearBackground

func ImageClearBackground(dst *Image, col color.RGBA)

ImageClearBackground - Clear image background with given color

func ImageColorBrightness

func ImageColorBrightness(image *Image, brightness int32)

ImageColorBrightness - Modify image color: brightness (-255 to 255)

func ImageColorContrast

func ImageColorContrast(image *Image, contrast float32)

ImageColorContrast - Modify image color: contrast (-100 to 100)

func ImageColorGrayscale

func ImageColorGrayscale(image *Image)

ImageColorGrayscale - Modify image color: grayscale

func ImageColorInvert

func ImageColorInvert(image *Image)

ImageColorInvert - Modify image color: invert

func ImageColorReplace

func ImageColorReplace(image *Image, col, replace color.RGBA)

ImageColorReplace - Modify image color: replace color

func ImageColorTint

func ImageColorTint(image *Image, col color.RGBA)

ImageColorTint - Modify image color: tint

func ImageCrop

func ImageCrop(image *Image, crop Rectangle)

ImageCrop - Crop an image to a defined rectangle

func ImageDither

func ImageDither(image *Image, rBpp, gBpp, bBpp, aBpp int32)

ImageDither - Dither image data to 16bpp or lower (Floyd-Steinberg dithering)

func ImageDraw

func ImageDraw(dst, src *Image, srcRec, dstRec Rectangle, tint color.RGBA)

ImageDraw - Draw a source image within a destination image

func ImageDrawCircle

func ImageDrawCircle(dst *Image, centerX, centerY, radius int32, col color.RGBA)

ImageDrawCircle - Draw circle within an image

func ImageDrawCircleV

func ImageDrawCircleV(dst *Image, center Vector2, radius int32, col color.RGBA)

ImageDrawCircleV - Draw circle within an image

func ImageDrawPixel

func ImageDrawPixel(dst *Image, posX, posY int32, col color.RGBA)

ImageDrawPixel - Draw pixel within an image

func ImageDrawPixelV

func ImageDrawPixelV(dst *Image, position Vector2, col color.RGBA)

ImageDrawPixelV - Draw pixel within an image (Vector version)

func ImageDrawRectangle

func ImageDrawRectangle(dst *Image, x, y, width, height int32, col color.RGBA)

ImageDrawRectangle - Draw rectangle within an image

func ImageDrawRectangleLines

func ImageDrawRectangleLines(dst *Image, rec Rectangle, thick int, col color.RGBA)

ImageDrawRectangleLines - Draw rectangle lines within an image

func ImageDrawRectangleRec

func ImageDrawRectangleRec(dst *Image, rec Rectangle, col color.RGBA)

ImageDrawRectangleRec - Draw rectangle within an image

func ImageDrawRectangleV

func ImageDrawRectangleV(dst *Image, position, size Vector2, col color.RGBA)

ImageDrawRectangleV - Draw rectangle within an image (Vector version)

func ImageDrawText

func ImageDrawText(dst *Image, posX, posY int32, text string, fontSize int32, col color.RGBA)

ImageDrawText - Draw text (default font) within an image (destination)

func ImageDrawTextEx

func ImageDrawTextEx(dst *Image, position Vector2, font Font, text string, fontSize, spacing float32, col color.RGBA)

ImageDrawTextEx - Draw text (custom sprite font) within an image (destination)

func ImageFlipHorizontal

func ImageFlipHorizontal(image *Image)

ImageFlipHorizontal - Flip image horizontally

func ImageFlipVertical

func ImageFlipVertical(image *Image)

ImageFlipVertical - Flip image vertically

func ImageFormat

func ImageFormat(image *Image, newFormat PixelFormat)

ImageFormat - Convert image data to desired format

func ImageMipmaps

func ImageMipmaps(image *Image)

ImageMipmaps - Generate all mipmap levels for a provided image

func ImageResize

func ImageResize(image *Image, newWidth, newHeight int32)

ImageResize - Resize an image (bilinear filtering)

func ImageResizeCanvas

func ImageResizeCanvas(image *Image, newWidth, newHeight, offsetX, offsetY int32, col color.RGBA)

ImageResizeCanvas - Resize canvas and fill with color

func ImageResizeNN

func ImageResizeNN(image *Image, newWidth, newHeight int32)

ImageResizeNN - Resize an image (Nearest-Neighbor scaling algorithm)

func ImageRotateCCW

func ImageRotateCCW(image *Image)

ImageRotateCCW - Rotate image counter-clockwise 90deg

func ImageRotateCW

func ImageRotateCW(image *Image)

ImageRotateCW - Rotate image clockwise 90deg

func ImageToPOT

func ImageToPOT(image *Image, fillColor color.RGBA)

ImageToPOT - Convert image to POT (power-of-two)

func InitAudioDevice

func InitAudioDevice()

InitAudioDevice - Initialize audio device and context

func InitWindow

func InitWindow(width int32, height int32, title string)

InitWindow - Initialize Window and OpenGL Graphics

func IsAudioDeviceReady

func IsAudioDeviceReady() bool

IsAudioDeviceReady - Check if audio device has been initialized successfully

func IsAudioStreamPlaying

func IsAudioStreamPlaying(stream AudioStream) bool

IsAudioStreamPlaying - Check if audio stream is playing

func IsAudioStreamProcessed

func IsAudioStreamProcessed(stream AudioStream) bool

IsAudioStreamProcessed - Check if any audio stream buffers requires refill

func IsCursorHidden

func IsCursorHidden() bool

IsCursorHidden - Returns true if cursor is not visible

func IsCursorOnScreen

func IsCursorOnScreen() bool

IsCursorOnScreen - Check if cursor is on the current screen.

func IsFileDropped

func IsFileDropped() bool

IsFileDropped - Check if a file have been dropped into window

func IsGamepadAvailable

func IsGamepadAvailable(gamepad int32) bool

IsGamepadAvailable - Detect if a gamepad is available

func IsGamepadButtonDown

func IsGamepadButtonDown(gamepad, button int32) bool

IsGamepadButtonDown - Detect if a gamepad button is being pressed

func IsGamepadButtonPressed

func IsGamepadButtonPressed(gamepad, button int32) bool

IsGamepadButtonPressed - Detect if a gamepad button has been pressed once

func IsGamepadButtonReleased

func IsGamepadButtonReleased(gamepad, button int32) bool

IsGamepadButtonReleased - Detect if a gamepad button has been released once

func IsGamepadButtonUp

func IsGamepadButtonUp(gamepad, button int32) bool

IsGamepadButtonUp - Detect if a gamepad button is NOT being pressed

func IsGestureDetected

func IsGestureDetected(gesture Gestures) bool

IsGestureDetected - Check if a gesture have been detected

func IsKeyDown

func IsKeyDown(key int32) bool

IsKeyDown - Detect if a key is being pressed

func IsKeyPressed

func IsKeyPressed(key int32) bool

IsKeyPressed - Detect if a key has been pressed once

func IsKeyReleased

func IsKeyReleased(key int32) bool

IsKeyReleased - Detect if a key has been released once

func IsKeyUp

func IsKeyUp(key int32) bool

IsKeyUp - Detect if a key is NOT being pressed

func IsModelAnimationValid

func IsModelAnimationValid(model Model, anim ModelAnimation) bool

IsModelAnimationValid - Check model animation skeleton match

func IsMouseButtonDown

func IsMouseButtonDown(button int32) bool

IsMouseButtonDown - Detect if a mouse button is being pressed

func IsMouseButtonPressed

func IsMouseButtonPressed(button int32) bool

IsMouseButtonPressed - Detect if a mouse button has been pressed once

func IsMouseButtonReleased

func IsMouseButtonReleased(button int32) bool

IsMouseButtonReleased - Detect if a mouse button has been released once

func IsMouseButtonUp

func IsMouseButtonUp(button int32) bool

IsMouseButtonUp - Detect if a mouse button is NOT being pressed

func IsMusicStreamPlaying

func IsMusicStreamPlaying(music Music) bool

IsMusicStreamPlaying - Check if music is playing

func IsSoundPlaying

func IsSoundPlaying(sound Sound) bool

IsSoundPlaying - Check if a sound is currently playing

func IsWindowFocused

func IsWindowFocused() bool

IsWindowFocused - Check if window is currently focused

func IsWindowFullscreen

func IsWindowFullscreen() bool

IsWindowFullscreen - Check if window is currently fullscreen

func IsWindowHidden

func IsWindowHidden() bool

IsWindowHidden - Check if window is currently hidden

func IsWindowMaximized

func IsWindowMaximized() bool

IsWindowMaximized - Check if window is currently maximized

func IsWindowMinimized

func IsWindowMinimized() bool

IsWindowMinimized - Check if window is currently minimized

func IsWindowReady

func IsWindowReady() bool

IsWindowReady - Check if window has been initialized successfully

func IsWindowResized

func IsWindowResized() bool

IsWindowResized - Check if window has been resized

func IsWindowState

func IsWindowState(flag uint32) bool

IsWindowState - Check if one specific window flag is enabled

func LoadImageColors

func LoadImageColors(img *Image) []color.RGBA

LoadImageColors - Get pixel data from image as a Color slice

func LoadStorageValue

func LoadStorageValue(position int32) int32

LoadStorageValue - Storage load integer value (from defined position)

func LoadWaveSamples

func LoadWaveSamples(wave Wave) []float32

LoadWaveSamples - Get samples data from wave as a floats array

func Mat2Set

func Mat2Set(matrix *Mat2, radians float32)

Mat2Set - Set values from radians to a created matrix 2x2

func MatrixDeterminant

func MatrixDeterminant(mat Matrix) float32

MatrixDeterminant - Compute matrix determinant

func MatrixToFloat

func MatrixToFloat(mat Matrix) []float32

MatrixToFloat - Converts Matrix to float32 slice

func MatrixTrace

func MatrixTrace(mat Matrix) float32

MatrixTrace - Returns the trace of the matrix (sum of the values along the diagonal)

func MaximizeWindow

func MaximizeWindow()

MaximizeWindow - Set window state: maximized, if resizable

func MeasureText

func MeasureText(text string, fontSize int32) int32

MeasureText - Measure string width for default font

func MinimizeWindow

func MinimizeWindow()

MinimizeWindow - Set window state: minimized, if resizable

func NewColor

func NewColor(r, g, b, a uint8) color.RGBA

NewColor - Returns new Color

func PauseAudioStream

func PauseAudioStream(stream AudioStream)

PauseAudioStream - Pause audio stream

func PauseMusicStream

func PauseMusicStream(music Music)

PauseMusicStream - Pause music playing

func PauseSound

func PauseSound(sound Sound)

PauseSound - Pause a sound

func PlayAudioStream

func PlayAudioStream(stream AudioStream)

PlayAudioStream - Play audio stream

func PlayMusicStream

func PlayMusicStream(music Music)

PlayMusicStream - Start music playing

func PlaySound

func PlaySound(sound Sound)

PlaySound - Play a sound

func PlaySoundMulti

func PlaySoundMulti(sound Sound)

PlaySoundMulti - Play a sound (using multichannel buffer pool)

func QuaternionLength

func QuaternionLength(quat Quaternion) float32

QuaternionLength - Compute the length of a quaternion

func QuaternionToAxisAngle

func QuaternionToAxisAngle(q Quaternion, outAxis *Vector3, outAngle *float32)

QuaternionToAxisAngle - Returns the rotation angle and axis for a given quaternion

func RestoreWindow

func RestoreWindow()

RestoreWindow - Set window state: not minimized/maximized

func ResumeAudioStream

func ResumeAudioStream(stream AudioStream)

ResumeAudioStream - Resume audio stream

func ResumeMusicStream

func ResumeMusicStream(music Music)

ResumeMusicStream - Resume playing paused music

func ResumeSound

func ResumeSound(sound Sound)

ResumeSound - Resume a paused sound

func SaveStorageValue

func SaveStorageValue(position, value int32)

SaveStorageValue - Storage save integer value (to defined position)

func SeekMusicStream

func SeekMusicStream(music Music, position float32)

SeekMusicStream - Seek music to a position (in seconds)

func SetAudioStreamBufferSizeDefault

func SetAudioStreamBufferSizeDefault(size int32)

SetAudioStreamBufferSizeDefault - Default size for new audio streams

func SetAudioStreamPitch

func SetAudioStreamPitch(stream AudioStream, pitch float32)

SetAudioStreamPitch - Set pitch for audio stream (1.0 is base level)

func SetAudioStreamVolume

func SetAudioStreamVolume(stream AudioStream, volume float32)

SetAudioStreamVolume - Set volume for audio stream (1.0 is max level)

func SetCallbackFunc

func SetCallbackFunc(func())

SetCallbackFunc - Sets callback function

func SetCameraAltControl

func SetCameraAltControl(altKey int32)

SetCameraAltControl - Set camera alt key to combine with mouse movement (free camera)

func SetCameraMode

func SetCameraMode(camera Camera, mode CameraMode)

SetCameraMode - Set camera mode (multiple camera modes available)

func SetCameraMoveControls

func SetCameraMoveControls(frontKey int32, backKey int32, rightKey int32, leftKey int32, upKey int32, downKey int32)

SetCameraMoveControls - Set camera move controls (1st person and 3rd person cameras)

func SetCameraPanControl

func SetCameraPanControl(panKey int32)

SetCameraPanControl - Set camera pan key to combine with mouse movement (free camera)

func SetCameraSmoothZoomControl

func SetCameraSmoothZoomControl(szKey int32)

SetCameraSmoothZoomControl - Set camera smooth zoom key to combine with mouse (free camera)

func SetClipboardText

func SetClipboardText(data string)

SetClipboardText - Set clipboard text content

func SetConfigFlags

func SetConfigFlags(flags uint32)

SetConfigFlags - Setup some window configuration flags

func SetExitKey

func SetExitKey(key int32)

SetExitKey - Set a custom key to exit program (default is ESC)

func SetGamepadMapping

func SetGamepadMapping(mappings string) int32

SetGamepadMappings - Set internal gamepad mappings (SDL_GameControllerDB)

func SetGesturesEnabled

func SetGesturesEnabled(gestureFlags uint32)

SetGesturesEnabled - Enable a set of gestures using flags

func SetMasterVolume

func SetMasterVolume(volume float32)

SetMasterVolume - Set master volume (listener)

func SetMaterialTexture

func SetMaterialTexture(material *Material, mapType int32, texture Texture2D)

SetMaterialTexture - Set texture for a material map type (MATERIAL_MAP_DIFFUSE, MATERIAL_MAP_SPECULAR...)

func SetMatrixModelview

func SetMatrixModelview(view Matrix)

SetMatrixModelview - Set a custom modelview matrix (replaces internal modelview matrix)

func SetMatrixProjection

func SetMatrixProjection(proj Matrix)

SetMatrixProjection - Set a custom projection matrix (replaces internal projection matrix)

func SetModelMeshMaterial

func SetModelMeshMaterial(model *Model, meshId int32, materialId int32)

SetModelMeshMaterial - Set material for a mesh

func SetMouseOffset

func SetMouseOffset(offsetX, offsetY int)

SetMouseOffset - Set mouse offset

func SetMousePosition

func SetMousePosition(x, y int)

SetMousePosition - Set mouse position XY

func SetMouseScale

func SetMouseScale(scaleX, scaleY float32)

SetMouseScale - Set mouse scaling

func SetMusicPitch

func SetMusicPitch(music Music, pitch float32)

SetMusicPitch - Set pitch for a music (1.0 is base level)

func SetMusicVolume

func SetMusicVolume(music Music, volume float32)

SetMusicVolume - Set volume for music (1.0 is max level)

func SetShaderValue

func SetShaderValue(shader Shader, locIndex int32, value []float32, uniformType ShaderUniformDataType)

SetShaderValue - Set shader uniform value (float)

func SetShaderValueMatrix

func SetShaderValueMatrix(shader Shader, locIndex int32, mat Matrix)

SetShaderValueMatrix - Set shader uniform value (matrix 4x4)

func SetShaderValueTexture

func SetShaderValueTexture(shader Shader, locIndex int32, texture Texture2D)

SetShaderValueTexture - Set shader uniform value for texture (sampler2d)

func SetShaderValueV

func SetShaderValueV(shader Shader, locIndex int32, value []float32, uniformType ShaderUniformDataType, count int32)

SetShaderValueV - Set shader uniform value (float)

func SetShapesTexture

func SetShapesTexture(texture Texture2D, source Rectangle)

SetShapesTexture - Define default texture used to draw shapes

func SetSoundPitch

func SetSoundPitch(sound Sound, pitch float32)

SetSoundPitch - Set pitch for a sound (1.0 is base level)

func SetSoundVolume

func SetSoundVolume(sound Sound, volume float32)

SetSoundVolume - Set volume for a sound (1.0 is max level)

func SetTargetFPS

func SetTargetFPS(fps int32)

SetTargetFPS - Set target FPS (maximum)

func SetTextureFilter

func SetTextureFilter(texture Texture2D, filterMode TextureFilterMode)

SetTextureFilter - Set texture scaling filter mode

func SetTextureWrap

func SetTextureWrap(texture Texture2D, wrapMode TextureWrapMode)

SetTextureWrap - Set texture wrapping mode

func SetTraceLog

func SetTraceLog(typeFlags int)

SetTraceLog - Enable trace log message types

func SetTraceLogCallback

func SetTraceLogCallback(fn TraceLogCallbackFun)

SetTraceLogCallback - set a call-back function for trace log

func SetWindowIcon

func SetWindowIcon(image Image)

SetWindowIcon - Set icon for window (only PLATFORM_DESKTOP)

func SetWindowMinSize

func SetWindowMinSize(w, h int)

SetWindowMinSize - Set window minimum dimensions (for FLAG_WINDOW_RESIZABLE)

func SetWindowMonitor

func SetWindowMonitor(monitor int)

SetWindowMonitor - Set monitor for the current window (fullscreen mode)

func SetWindowPosition

func SetWindowPosition(x, y int)

SetWindowPosition - Set window position on screen (only PLATFORM_DESKTOP)

func SetWindowSize

func SetWindowSize(w, h int)

SetWindowSize - Set window dimensions

func SetWindowState

func SetWindowState(flags uint32)

SetWindowState - Set window configuration state using flags

func SetWindowTitle

func SetWindowTitle(title string)

SetWindowTitle - Set title for window (only PLATFORM_DESKTOP)

func ShowCursor

func ShowCursor()

ShowCursor - Shows cursor

func StopAudioStream

func StopAudioStream(stream AudioStream)

StopAudioStream - Stop audio stream

func StopMusicStream

func StopMusicStream(music Music)

StopMusicStream - Stop music playing

func StopSound

func StopSound(sound Sound)

StopSound - Stop playing a sound

func StopSoundMulti

func StopSoundMulti()

StopSoundMulti - Stop any sound playing (using multichannel buffer pool)

func TakeScreenshot

func TakeScreenshot(name string)

TakeScreenshot - Takes a screenshot of current screen (saved a .png)

func ToggleFullscreen

func ToggleFullscreen()

ToggleFullscreen - Fullscreen toggle (only PLATFORM_DESKTOP)

func TraceLog

func TraceLog(msgType int, text string, v ...interface{})

TraceLog - Show trace log messages (INFO, WARNING, ERROR, DEBUG)

func UnloadAudioStream

func UnloadAudioStream(stream AudioStream)

UnloadAudioStream - Unload audio stream and free memory

func UnloadFont

func UnloadFont(font Font)

UnloadFont - Unload Font from GPU memory (VRAM)

func UnloadImage

func UnloadImage(image *Image)

UnloadImage - Unload image from CPU memory (RAM)

func UnloadMaterial

func UnloadMaterial(material Material)

UnloadMaterial - Unload material textures from VRAM

func UnloadMesh

func UnloadMesh(mesh *Mesh)

UnloadMesh - Unload mesh from memory (RAM and/or VRAM)

func UnloadModel

func UnloadModel(model Model)

UnloadModel - Unload model from memory (RAM and/or VRAM)

func UnloadModelAnimation

func UnloadModelAnimation(anim ModelAnimation)

UnloadModelAnimation - Unload animation data

func UnloadModelAnimations

func UnloadModelAnimations(animations []ModelAnimation)

UnloadModelAnimations - Unload animation array data

func UnloadMusicStream

func UnloadMusicStream(music Music)

UnloadMusicStream - Unload music stream

func UnloadRenderTexture

func UnloadRenderTexture(target RenderTexture2D)

UnloadRenderTexture - Unload render texture from GPU memory

func UnloadShader

func UnloadShader(shader Shader)

UnloadShader - Unload a custom shader from memory

func UnloadSound

func UnloadSound(sound Sound)

UnloadSound - Unload sound

func UnloadTexture

func UnloadTexture(texture Texture2D)

UnloadTexture - Unload texture from GPU memory

func UnloadWave

func UnloadWave(wave Wave)

UnloadWave - Unload wave data

func UnloadWaveSamples

func UnloadWaveSamples(samples []float32)

UnloadWaveSamples - Unload samples data loaded with LoadWaveSamples()

func UpdateAudioStream

func UpdateAudioStream(stream AudioStream, data []float32, samplesCount int32)

UpdateAudioStream - Update audio stream buffers with data

func UpdateCamera

func UpdateCamera(camera *Camera)

UpdateCamera - Update camera position for selected mode

func UpdateModelAnimation

func UpdateModelAnimation(model Model, anim ModelAnimation, frame int32)

UpdateModelAnimation - Update model animation pose

func UpdateMusicStream

func UpdateMusicStream(music Music)

UpdateMusicStream - Updates buffers for music streaming

func UpdateSound

func UpdateSound(sound Sound, data []byte, samplesCount int32)

UpdateSound - Update sound buffer with new data

func UpdateTexture

func UpdateTexture(texture Texture2D, pixels []color.RGBA)

UpdateTexture - Update GPU texture with new data

func UpdateTextureRec

func UpdateTextureRec(texture Texture2D, rec Rectangle, pixels []color.RGBA)

UpdateTextureRec - Update GPU texture rectangle with new data

func Vector2Angle

func Vector2Angle(v1, v2 Vector2) float32

Vector2Angle - Calculate angle from two vectors in radians

func Vector2CrossProduct

func Vector2CrossProduct(v1, v2 Vector2) float32

Vector2CrossProduct - Calculate two vectors cross product

func Vector2Distance

func Vector2Distance(v1, v2 Vector2) float32

Vector2Distance - Calculate distance between two vectors

func Vector2DotProduct

func Vector2DotProduct(v1, v2 Vector2) float32

Vector2DotProduct - Calculate two vectors dot product

func Vector2LenSqr

func Vector2LenSqr(vector Vector2) float32

Vector2LenSqr - Returns the len square root of a vector

func Vector2Length

func Vector2Length(v Vector2) float32

Vector2Length - Calculate vector length

func Vector3Distance

func Vector3Distance(v1, v2 Vector3) float32

Vector3Distance - Calculate distance between two vectors

func Vector3DotProduct

func Vector3DotProduct(v1, v2 Vector3) float32

Vector3DotProduct - Calculate two vectors dot product

func Vector3Length

func Vector3Length(v Vector3) float32

Vector3Length - Calculate vector length

func Vector3ToFloat

func Vector3ToFloat(vec Vector3) []float32

Vector3ToFloat - Converts Vector3 to float32 slice

func WaveCrop

func WaveCrop(wave Wave, initSample int32, finalSample int32)

WaveCrop - Crop a wave to defined samples range

func WaveFormat

func WaveFormat(wave Wave, sampleRate int32, sampleSize int32, channels int32)

WaveFormat - Convert wave data to desired format

func WindowShouldClose

func WindowShouldClose() bool

WindowShouldClose - Check if KEY_ESCAPE pressed or Close icon pressed


type Asset

type Asset interface {

Asset file

func OpenAsset

func OpenAsset(name string) (Asset, error)

OpenAsset - Open asset

type AudioStream

type AudioStream struct {
	// Buffer
	Buffer *C.rAudioBuffer
	// Frequency (samples per second)
	SampleRate uint32
	// Bit depth (bits per sample): 8, 16, 32 (24 not supported)
	SampleSize uint32
	// Number of channels (1-mono, 2-stereo)
	Channels uint32
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

AudioStream type NOTE: Useful to create custom audio streams not bound to a specific file

func LoadAudioStream

func LoadAudioStream(sampleRate uint32, sampleSize uint32, channels uint32) AudioStream

LoadAudioStream - Load audio stream (to stream raw audio pcm data)

type BlendMode

type BlendMode int32

BlendMode type

const (
	BlendAlpha          BlendMode = iota // Blend textures considering alpha (default)
	BlendAdditive                        // Blend textures adding colors
	BlendMultiplied                      // Blend textures multiplying colors
	BlendAddColors                       // Blend textures adding colors (alternative)
	BlendSubtractColors                  // Blend textures subtracting colors (alternative)
	BlendCustom                          // Blend textures using custom src/dst factors (use SetBlendModeCustom())

Color blending modes (pre-defined)

type BoneInfo

type BoneInfo struct {
	Name   [32]int8
	Parent int32

BoneInfo type

type BoundingBox

type BoundingBox struct {
	// Minimum vertex box-corner
	Min Vector3
	// Maximum vertex box-corner
	Max Vector3

BoundingBox type

func GetMeshBoundingBox

func GetMeshBoundingBox(mesh Mesh) BoundingBox

GetMeshBoundingBox - Compute mesh bounding box limits

func GetModelBoundingBox

func GetModelBoundingBox(model Model) BoundingBox

GetModelBoundingBox - Compute model bounding box limits (considers all meshes

func NewBoundingBox

func NewBoundingBox(min, max Vector3) BoundingBox

NewBoundingBox - Returns new BoundingBox

type Camera

type Camera = Camera3D

Camera type fallback, defaults to Camera3D

type Camera2D

type Camera2D struct {
	// Camera offset (displacement from target)
	Offset Vector2
	// Camera target (rotation and zoom origin)
	Target Vector2
	// Camera rotation in degrees
	Rotation float32
	// Camera zoom (scaling), should be 1.0f by default
	Zoom float32

Camera2D type, defines a 2d camera

func NewCamera2D

func NewCamera2D(offset, target Vector2, rotation, zoom float32) Camera2D

NewCamera2D - Returns new Camera2D

type Camera3D

type Camera3D struct {
	// Camera position
	Position Vector3
	// Camera target it looks-at
	Target Vector3
	// Camera up vector (rotation over its axis)
	Up Vector3
	// Camera field-of-view apperture in Y (degrees) in perspective, used as near plane width in orthographic
	Fovy float32
	// Camera type, controlling projection type, either CameraPerspective or CameraOrthographic.
	Projection CameraProjection

Camera3D type, defines a camera position/orientation in 3d space

func NewCamera3D

func NewCamera3D(pos, target, up Vector3, fovy float32, ct CameraProjection) Camera3D

NewCamera3D - Returns new Camera3D

type CameraMode

type CameraMode int32

CameraMode type

const (
	CameraCustom CameraMode = iota

Camera system modes

type CameraProjection

type CameraProjection int32

CameraProjection type

const (
	CameraPerspective CameraProjection = iota

Camera projection modes

type Color

type Color = color.RGBA

Color type, RGBA (32bit) TODO remove later, keep type for now to not break code

type Font

type Font struct {
	// Base size (default chars height)
	BaseSize int32
	// Number of characters
	CharsCount int32
	// Padding around the chars
	CharsPadding int32
	// Characters texture atlas
	Texture Texture2D
	// Characters rectangles in texture
	Recs *Rectangle
	// Characters info data
	Chars *GlyphInfo

Font type, includes texture and charSet array data

func GetFontDefault

func GetFontDefault() Font

GetFontDefault - Get the default Font

func LoadFont

func LoadFont(fileName string) Font

LoadFont - Load a Font image into GPU memory (VRAM)

func LoadFontEx

func LoadFontEx(fileName string, fontSize int32, fontChars *int32, charsCount int32) Font

LoadFontEx - Load Font from file with extended parameters

func LoadFontFromImage

func LoadFontFromImage(image Image, key color.RGBA, firstChar int32) Font

LoadFontFromImage - Loads an Image font file (XNA style)

func LoadFontFromMemory

func LoadFontFromMemory(fileType string, fileData []byte, dataSize int32, fontSize int32, fontChars *int32, charsCount int32) Font

LoadFontFromMemory - Load font from memory buffer, fileType refers to extension: i.e. ".ttf"

type Gestures

type Gestures int32

Gestures type

const (
	GestureNone       Gestures = 0
	GestureTap        Gestures = 1
	GestureDoubletap  Gestures = 2
	GestureHold       Gestures = 4
	GestureDrag       Gestures = 8
	GestureSwipeRight Gestures = 16
	GestureSwipeLeft  Gestures = 32
	GestureSwipeUp    Gestures = 64
	GestureSwipeDown  Gestures = 128
	GesturePinchIn    Gestures = 256
	GesturePinchOut   Gestures = 512

Gestures types NOTE: It could be used as flags to enable only some gestures

func GetGestureDetected

func GetGestureDetected() Gestures

GetGestureDetected - Get latest detected gesture

type GlyphInfo

type GlyphInfo struct {
	// Character value (Unicode)
	Value int32
	// Character offset X when drawing
	OffsetX int32
	// Character offset Y when drawing
	OffsetY int32
	// Character advance position X
	AdvanceX int32
	// Character image data
	Image Image

GlyphInfo - Font character info

func GetGlyphInfo

func GetGlyphInfo(font Font, codepoint int32) GlyphInfo

GetGlyphInfo - Get glyph font info data for a codepoint (unicode character), fallback to '?' if not found

func LoadFontData

func LoadFontData(fileData []byte, dataSize int32, fontSize int32, fontChars *int32, charsCount, typ int32) *GlyphInfo

LoadFontData - Load font data for further use

func NewGlyphInfo

func NewGlyphInfo(value int32, offsetX, offsetY, advanceX int32, image Image) GlyphInfo

NewGlyphInfo - Returns new CharInfo

type Image

type Image struct {

	// Image base width
	Width int32
	// Image base height
	Height int32
	// Mipmap levels, 1 by default
	Mipmaps int32
	// Data format (PixelFormat)
	Format PixelFormat
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Image type, bpp always RGBA (32bit) NOTE: Data stored in CPU memory (RAM)

func GenImageCellular

func GenImageCellular(width, height, tileSize int) *Image

GenImageCellular - Generate image: cellular algorithm. Bigger tileSize means bigger cells

func GenImageChecked

func GenImageChecked(width, height, checksX, checksY int, col1, col2 color.RGBA) *Image

GenImageChecked - Generate image: checked

func GenImageColor

func GenImageColor(width, height int, col color.RGBA) *Image

GenImageColor - Generate image: plain color

func GenImageGradientH

func GenImageGradientH(width, height int, left, right color.RGBA) *Image

GenImageGradientH - Generate image: horizontal gradient

func GenImageGradientRadial

func GenImageGradientRadial(width, height int, density float32, inner, outer color.RGBA) *Image

GenImageGradientRadial - Generate image: radial gradient

func GenImageGradientV

func GenImageGradientV(width, height int, top, bottom color.RGBA) *Image

GenImageGradientV - Generate image: vertical gradient

func GenImageWhiteNoise

func GenImageWhiteNoise(width, height int, factor float32) *Image

GenImageWhiteNoise - Generate image: white noise

func ImageCopy

func ImageCopy(image *Image) *Image

ImageCopy - Create an image duplicate (useful for transformations)

func ImageText

func ImageText(text string, fontSize int32, col color.RGBA) *Image

ImageText - Create an image from text (default font)

func ImageTextEx

func ImageTextEx(font Font, text string, fontSize, spacing float32, tint color.RGBA) *Image

ImageTextEx - Create an image from text (custom sprite font)

func LoadImage

func LoadImage(fileName string) *Image

LoadImage - Load an image into CPU memory (RAM)

func LoadImageAnim

func LoadImageAnim(fileName string, frames *int32) *Image

LoadImageAnim - Load image sequence from file (frames appended to image.data)

func LoadImageFromMemory

func LoadImageFromMemory(fileType string, fileData []byte, dataSize int32) *Image

LoadImageFromMemory - Load image from memory buffer, fileType refers to extension: i.e. ".png"

func LoadImageFromTexture

func LoadImageFromTexture(texture Texture2D) *Image

LoadImageFromTexture - Get pixel data from GPU texture and return an Image

func LoadImageRaw

func LoadImageRaw(fileName string, width, height int32, format PixelFormat, headerSize int32) *Image

LoadImageRaw - Load image data from RAW file

func NewImage

func NewImage(data []byte, width, height, mipmaps int32, format PixelFormat) *Image

NewImage - Returns new Image

func NewImageFromImage

func NewImageFromImage(img image.Image) *Image

NewImageFromImage - Returns new Image from Go image.Image

func (*Image) ToImage

func (i *Image) ToImage() image.Image

ToImage converts a Image to Go image.Image

type Mat2

type Mat2 struct {
	M00 float32
	M01 float32
	M10 float32
	M11 float32

Mat2 type (used for polygon shape rotation matrix)

func Mat2Radians

func Mat2Radians(radians float32) Mat2

Mat2Radians - Creates a matrix 2x2 from a given radians value

func Mat2Transpose

func Mat2Transpose(matrix Mat2) Mat2

Mat2Transpose - Returns the transpose of a given matrix 2x2

func NewMat2

func NewMat2(m0, m1, m10, m11 float32) Mat2

NewMat2 - Returns new Mat2

type Material

type Material struct {
	// Shader
	Shader Shader
	// Maps
	Maps *MaterialMap
	// Generic parameters (if required)
	Params [4]float32

Material type

func LoadMaterialDefault

func LoadMaterialDefault() Material

LoadMaterialDefault - Load default material (Supports: DIFFUSE, SPECULAR, NORMAL maps)

func LoadMaterials

func LoadMaterials(fileName string) []Material

LoadMaterials - Load material data (.MTL)

func (Material) GetMap

func (mt Material) GetMap(index int32) *MaterialMap

GetMap - Get pointer to MaterialMap by map type

type MaterialMap

type MaterialMap struct {
	// Texture
	Texture Texture2D
	// Color
	Color color.RGBA
	// Value
	Value float32

MaterialMap type

type Matrix

type Matrix struct {
	M0, M4, M8, M12  float32
	M1, M5, M9, M13  float32
	M2, M6, M10, M14 float32
	M3, M7, M11, M15 float32

Matrix type (OpenGL style 4x4 - right handed, column major)

func GetCameraMatrix

func GetCameraMatrix(camera Camera) Matrix

GetCameraMatrix - Returns camera transform matrix (view matrix)

func GetCameraMatrix2D

func GetCameraMatrix2D(camera Camera2D) Matrix

GetCameraMatrix2D - Returns camera 2d transform matrix

func MatrixAdd

func MatrixAdd(left, right Matrix) Matrix

MatrixAdd - Add two matrices

func MatrixFrustum

func MatrixFrustum(left, right, bottom, top, near, far float32) Matrix

MatrixFrustum - Returns perspective projection matrix

func MatrixIdentity

func MatrixIdentity() Matrix

MatrixIdentity - Returns identity matrix

func MatrixInvert

func MatrixInvert(mat Matrix) Matrix

MatrixInvert - Invert provided matrix

func MatrixLookAt

func MatrixLookAt(eye, target, up Vector3) Matrix

MatrixLookAt - Returns camera look-at matrix (view matrix)

func MatrixMultiply

func MatrixMultiply(left, right Matrix) Matrix

MatrixMultiply - Returns two matrix multiplication

func MatrixNormalize

func MatrixNormalize(mat Matrix) Matrix

MatrixNormalize - Normalize provided matrix

func MatrixOrtho

func MatrixOrtho(left, right, bottom, top, near, far float32) Matrix

MatrixOrtho - Returns orthographic projection matrix

func MatrixPerspective

func MatrixPerspective(fovy, aspect, near, far float32) Matrix

MatrixPerspective - Returns perspective projection matrix

func MatrixRotate

func MatrixRotate(axis Vector3, angle float32) Matrix

MatrixRotate - Returns rotation matrix for an angle around an specified axis (angle in radians)

func MatrixRotateX

func MatrixRotateX(angle float32) Matrix

MatrixRotateX - Returns x-rotation matrix (angle in radians)

func MatrixRotateXYZ

func MatrixRotateXYZ(ang Vector3) Matrix

MatrixRotateXYZ - Get xyz-rotation matrix (angles in radians)

func MatrixRotateY

func MatrixRotateY(angle float32) Matrix

MatrixRotateY - Returns y-rotation matrix (angle in radians)

func MatrixRotateZ

func MatrixRotateZ(angle float32) Matrix

MatrixRotateZ - Returns z-rotation matrix (angle in radians)

func MatrixScale

func MatrixScale(x, y, z float32) Matrix

MatrixScale - Returns scaling matrix

func MatrixSubtract

func MatrixSubtract(left, right Matrix) Matrix

MatrixSubtract - Subtract two matrices (left - right)

func MatrixTranslate

func MatrixTranslate(x, y, z float32) Matrix

MatrixTranslate - Returns translation matrix

func MatrixTranspose

func MatrixTranspose(mat Matrix) Matrix

MatrixTranspose - Transposes provided matrix

func NewMatrix

func NewMatrix(m0, m4, m8, m12, m1, m5, m9, m13, m2, m6, m10, m14, m3, m7, m11, m15 float32) Matrix

NewMatrix - Returns new Matrix

func QuaternionToMatrix

func QuaternionToMatrix(q Quaternion) Matrix

QuaternionToMatrix - Returns a matrix for a given quaternion

type Mesh

type Mesh struct {
	// Number of vertices stored in arrays
	VertexCount int32
	// Number of triangles stored (indexed or not)
	TriangleCount int32
	// Vertex position (XYZ - 3 components per vertex) (shader-location = 0)
	Vertices *float32
	// Vertex texture coordinates (UV - 2 components per vertex) (shader-location = 1)
	Texcoords *float32
	// Vertex second texture coordinates (useful for lightmaps) (shader-location = 5)
	Texcoords2 *float32
	// Vertex normals (XYZ - 3 components per vertex) (shader-location = 2)
	Normals *float32
	// Vertex tangents (XYZ - 3 components per vertex) (shader-location = 4)
	Tangents *float32
	// Vertex colors (RGBA - 4 components per vertex) (shader-location = 3)
	Colors *uint8
	// Vertex indices (in case vertex data comes indexed)
	Indices *uint16
	// AnimVertices
	AnimVertices *float32
	// AnimNormals
	AnimNormals *float32
	// BoneIds
	BoneIds *int32
	// BoneWeights
	BoneWeights *float32
	// OpenGL Vertex Array Object id
	VaoID uint32
	// OpenGL Vertex Buffer Objects id (7 types of vertex data)
	VboID *uint32

Mesh - Vertex data definning a mesh

func GenMeshCone

func GenMeshCone(radius, height float32, slices int) Mesh

GenMeshCone - Generate cone/pyramid mesh

func GenMeshCube

func GenMeshCube(width, height, length float32) Mesh

GenMeshCube - Generate cuboid mesh

func GenMeshCubicmap

func GenMeshCubicmap(cubicmap Image, size Vector3) Mesh

GenMeshCubicmap - Generate cubes-based map mesh from image data

func GenMeshCylinder

func GenMeshCylinder(radius, height float32, slices int) Mesh

GenMeshCylinder - Generate cylinder mesh

func GenMeshHeightmap

func GenMeshHeightmap(heightmap Image, size Vector3) Mesh

GenMeshHeightmap - Generate heightmap mesh from image data

func GenMeshHemiSphere

func GenMeshHemiSphere(radius float32, rings, slices int) Mesh

GenMeshHemiSphere - Generate half-sphere mesh (no bottom cap)

func GenMeshKnot

func GenMeshKnot(radius, size float32, radSeg, sides int) Mesh

GenMeshKnot - Generate trefoil knot mesh

func GenMeshPlane

func GenMeshPlane(width, length float32, resX, resZ int) Mesh

GenMeshPlane - Generate plane mesh (with subdivisions)

func GenMeshPoly

func GenMeshPoly(sides int, radius float32) Mesh

GenMeshPoly - Generate polygonal mesh

func GenMeshSphere

func GenMeshSphere(radius float32, rings, slices int) Mesh

GenMeshSphere - Generate sphere mesh (standard sphere)

func GenMeshTorus

func GenMeshTorus(radius, size float32, radSeg, sides int) Mesh

GenMeshTorus - Generate torus mesh

type Model

type Model struct {
	// Local transform matrix
	Transform     Matrix
	MeshCount     int32
	MaterialCount int32
	Meshes        *Mesh
	Materials     *Material
	MeshMaterial  *int32
	BoneCount     int32
	Bones         *BoneInfo
	BindPose      *Transform

Model, meshes, materials and animation data

func LoadModel

func LoadModel(fileName string) Model

LoadModel - Load model from file

func LoadModelFromMesh

func LoadModelFromMesh(data Mesh) Model

LoadModelFromMesh - Load model from mesh data

type ModelAnimation

type ModelAnimation struct {
	BoneCount  int32
	FrameCount int32
	Bones      *BoneInfo
	FramePoses **Transform

ModelAnimation type

func LoadModelAnimations

func LoadModelAnimations(fileName string) []ModelAnimation

LoadModelAnimations - Load model animations from file

type Music

type Music struct {
	Stream      AudioStream
	SampleCount uint32
	Looping     bool
	CtxType     int32
	CtxData     unsafe.Pointer

Music type (file streaming from memory) NOTE: Anything longer than ~10 seconds should be streamed

func LoadMusicStream

func LoadMusicStream(fileName string) Music

LoadMusicStream - Load music stream from file

func LoadMusicStreamFromMemory

func LoadMusicStreamFromMemory(fileType string, fileData []byte, dataSize int32) Music

LoadMusicStreamFromMemory - Load music stream from data

type PixelFormat

type PixelFormat int32

PixelFormat - Texture format

const (
	// 8 bit per pixel (no alpha)
	UncompressedGrayscale PixelFormat = iota + 1
	// 8*2 bpp (2 channels)
	// 16 bpp
	// 24 bpp
	// 16 bpp (1 bit alpha)
	// 16 bpp (4 bit alpha)
	// 32 bpp
	// 32 bpp (1 channel - float)
	// 32*3 bpp (3 channels - float)
	// 32*4 bpp (4 channels - float)
	// 4 bpp (no alpha)
	// 4 bpp (1 bit alpha)
	// 8 bpp
	// 8 bpp
	// 4 bpp
	// 4 bpp
	// 8 bpp
	// 4 bpp
	// 4 bpp
	// 8 bpp
	// 2 bpp

Texture formats NOTE: Support depends on OpenGL version and platform

type Quaternion

type Quaternion struct {
	X float32
	Y float32
	Z float32
	W float32

Quaternion type

func NewQuaternion

func NewQuaternion(x, y, z, w float32) Quaternion

NewQuaternion - Returns new Quaternion

func QuaternionFromAxisAngle

func QuaternionFromAxisAngle(axis Vector3, angle float32) Quaternion

QuaternionFromAxisAngle - Returns rotation quaternion for an angle and axis

func QuaternionFromMatrix

func QuaternionFromMatrix(matrix Matrix) Quaternion

QuaternionFromMatrix - Returns a quaternion for a given rotation matrix

func QuaternionInvert

func QuaternionInvert(quat Quaternion) Quaternion

QuaternionInvert - Invert provided quaternion

func QuaternionMultiply

func QuaternionMultiply(q1, q2 Quaternion) Quaternion

QuaternionMultiply - Calculate two quaternion multiplication

func QuaternionNormalize

func QuaternionNormalize(q Quaternion) Quaternion

QuaternionNormalize - Normalize provided quaternion

func QuaternionSlerp

func QuaternionSlerp(q1, q2 Quaternion, amount float32) Quaternion

QuaternionSlerp - Calculates spherical linear interpolation between two quaternions

func QuaternionTransform

func QuaternionTransform(q Quaternion, mat Matrix) Quaternion

QuaternionTransform - Transform a quaternion given a transformation matrix

type Ray

type Ray struct {
	// Ray position (origin)
	Position Vector3
	// Ray direction
	Direction Vector3

Ray type (useful for raycast)

func GetMouseRay

func GetMouseRay(mousePosition Vector2, camera Camera) Ray

GetMouseRay - Returns a ray trace from mouse position

func NewRay

func NewRay(position, direction Vector3) Ray

NewRay - Returns new Ray

type RayCollision

type RayCollision struct {
	Hit      bool
	Distance float32
	Point    Vector3
	Normal   Vector3

RayCollision type - ray hit information

func GetRayCollisionBox

func GetRayCollisionBox(ray Ray, box BoundingBox) RayCollision

GetRayCollisionBox - Get collision info between ray and box

func GetRayCollisionMesh

func GetRayCollisionMesh(ray Ray, mesh Mesh, transform Matrix) RayCollision

GetRayCollisionMesh - Get collision info between ray and mesh

func GetRayCollisionModel

func GetRayCollisionModel(ray Ray, model Model) RayCollision

GetRayCollisionModel - Get collision info between ray and model

func GetRayCollisionQuad

func GetRayCollisionQuad(ray Ray, p1, p2, p3, p4 Vector3) RayCollision

GetRayCollisionQuad - Get collision info between ray and quad

func GetRayCollisionSphere

func GetRayCollisionSphere(ray Ray, center Vector3, radius float32) RayCollision

GetRayCollisionSphere - Get collision info between ray and sphere

func GetRayCollisionTriangle

func GetRayCollisionTriangle(ray Ray, p1, p2, p3 Vector3) RayCollision

GetRayCollisionTriangle - Get collision info between ray and triangle

func NewRayCollision

func NewRayCollision(hit bool, distance float32, point, normal Vector3) RayCollision

NewRayCollision - Returns new RayCollision

type Rectangle

type Rectangle struct {
	X      float32
	Y      float32
	Width  float32
	Height float32

Rectangle type

func GetCollisionRec

func GetCollisionRec(rec1, rec2 Rectangle) Rectangle

GetCollisionRec - Get collision rectangle for two rectangles collision

func GetGlyphAtlasRec

func GetGlyphAtlasRec(font Font, codepoint int32) Rectangle

GetGlyphAtlasRec - Get glyph rectangle in font atlas for a codepoint (unicode character), fallback to '?' if not found

func NewRectangle

func NewRectangle(x, y, width, height float32) Rectangle

NewRectangle - Returns new Rectangle

func (*Rectangle) ToInt32

func (r *Rectangle) ToInt32() RectangleInt32

ToInt32 converts rectangle to int32 variant

type RectangleInt32

type RectangleInt32 struct {
	X      int32
	Y      int32
	Width  int32
	Height int32

RectangleInt32 type

func (*RectangleInt32) ToFloat32

func (r *RectangleInt32) ToFloat32() Rectangle

ToFloat32 converts rectangle to float32 variant

type RenderTexture2D

type RenderTexture2D struct {
	// Render texture (fbo) id
	ID uint32
	// Color buffer attachment texture
	Texture Texture2D
	// Depth buffer attachment texture
	Depth Texture2D

RenderTexture2D type, for texture rendering

func LoadRenderTexture

func LoadRenderTexture(width, height int32) RenderTexture2D

LoadRenderTexture - Load a texture to be used for rendering

func NewRenderTexture2D

func NewRenderTexture2D(id uint32, texture, depth Texture2D) RenderTexture2D

NewRenderTexture2D - Returns new RenderTexture2D

type Shader

type Shader struct {
	// Shader program id
	ID uint32
	// Shader locations array
	Locs *int32

Shader type (generic shader)

func LoadShader

func LoadShader(vsFileName string, fsFileName string) Shader

LoadShader - Load a custom shader and bind default locations

func LoadShaderFromMemory

func LoadShaderFromMemory(vsCode string, fsCode string) Shader

LoadShaderFromMemory - Load shader from code strings and bind default locations

func NewShader

func NewShader(id uint32, locs *int32) Shader

NewShader - Returns new Shader

func (Shader) GetLocation

func (sh Shader) GetLocation(index int32) int32

GetLocation - Get shader value's location

func (Shader) UpdateLocation

func (sh Shader) UpdateLocation(index int32, loc int32)

UpdateLocation - Update shader value's location

type ShaderUniformDataType

type ShaderUniformDataType int32

ShaderUniformDataType type

const (
	ShaderUniformFloat ShaderUniformDataType = iota

ShaderUniformDataType enumeration

type Sound

type Sound struct {
	Stream      AudioStream
	SampleCount uint32
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Sound source type

func LoadSound

func LoadSound(fileName string) Sound

LoadSound - Load sound to memory

func LoadSoundFromWave

func LoadSoundFromWave(wave Wave) Sound

LoadSoundFromWave - Load sound to memory from wave data

type Texture2D

type Texture2D struct {
	// OpenGL texture id
	ID uint32
	// Texture base width
	Width int32
	// Texture base height
	Height int32
	// Mipmap levels, 1 by default
	Mipmaps int32
	// Data format (PixelFormat)
	Format PixelFormat

Texture2D type, bpp always RGBA (32bit) NOTE: Data stored in GPU memory

func LoadTexture

func LoadTexture(fileName string) Texture2D

LoadTexture - Load an image as texture into GPU memory

func LoadTextureFromImage

func LoadTextureFromImage(image *Image) Texture2D

LoadTextureFromImage - Load a texture from image data

func NewTexture2D

func NewTexture2D(id uint32, width, height, mipmaps int32, format PixelFormat) Texture2D

NewTexture2D - Returns new Texture2D

type TextureFilterMode

type TextureFilterMode int32

TextureFilterMode - Texture filter mode

const (
	// No filter, just pixel aproximation
	FilterPoint TextureFilterMode = iota
	// Linear filtering
	// Trilinear filtering (linear with mipmaps)
	// Anisotropic filtering 4x
	// Anisotropic filtering 8x
	// Anisotropic filtering 16x

Texture parameters: filter mode NOTE 1: Filtering considers mipmaps if available in the texture NOTE 2: Filter is accordingly set for minification and magnification

type TextureWrapMode

type TextureWrapMode int32

TextureWrapMode - Texture wrap mode

const (
	WrapRepeat TextureWrapMode = iota

Texture parameters: wrap mode

type TraceLogCallbackFun

type TraceLogCallbackFun func(int, string)

TraceLogCallbackFun - function that will recive the trace log messages

type Transform

type Transform struct {
	Translation Vector3
	Rotation    Vector4
	Scale       Vector3

Transform type

type Vector2

type Vector2 struct {
	X float32
	Y float32

Vector2 type

func GetGestureDragVector

func GetGestureDragVector() Vector2

GetGestureDragVector - Get gesture drag vector

func GetGesturePinchVector

func GetGesturePinchVector() Vector2

GetGesturePinchVector - Get gesture pinch delta

func GetMonitorPosition

func GetMonitorPosition(monitor int) Vector2

GetMonitorPosition - Get specified monitor position

func GetMouseDelta

func GetMouseDelta() Vector2

GetMouseDelta - Get mouse delta between frames

func GetMousePosition

func GetMousePosition() Vector2

GetMousePosition - Returns mouse position XY

func GetScreenToWorld2D

func GetScreenToWorld2D(position Vector2, camera Camera2D) Vector2

GetScreenToWorld2D - Returns the world space position for a 2d camera screen space position

func GetTouchPosition

func GetTouchPosition(index int32) Vector2

GetTouchPosition - Returns touch position XY for a touch point index (relative to screen size)

func GetWindowPosition

func GetWindowPosition() Vector2

GetWindowPosition - Get window position XY on monitor

func GetWindowScaleDPI

func GetWindowScaleDPI() Vector2

GetWindowScaleDPI - Get window scale DPI factor

func GetWorldToScreen

func GetWorldToScreen(position Vector3, camera Camera) Vector2

GetWorldToScreen - Returns the screen space position from a 3d world space position

func GetWorldToScreen2D

func GetWorldToScreen2D(position Vector2, camera Camera2D) Vector2

GetWorldToScreen2D - Returns the screen space position for a 2d camera world space position

func Mat2MultiplyVector2

func Mat2MultiplyVector2(matrix Mat2, vector Vector2) Vector2

Mat2MultiplyVector2 - Multiplies a vector by a matrix 2x2

func MeasureTextEx

func MeasureTextEx(font Font, text string, fontSize float32, spacing float32) Vector2

MeasureTextEx - Measure string size for Font

func NewVector2

func NewVector2(x, y float32) Vector2

NewVector2 - Returns new Vector2

func Vector2Add

func Vector2Add(v1, v2 Vector2) Vector2

Vector2Add - Add two vectors (v1 + v2)

func Vector2Cross

func Vector2Cross(value float32, vector Vector2) Vector2

Vector2Cross - Calculate the cross product of a vector and a value

func Vector2DivideV

func Vector2DivideV(v1, v2 Vector2) Vector2

Vector2Divide - Divide vector by vector

func Vector2Lerp

func Vector2Lerp(v1, v2 Vector2, amount float32) Vector2

Vector2Lerp - Calculate linear interpolation between two vectors

func Vector2Multiply

func Vector2Multiply(v1, v2 Vector2) Vector2

Vector2Multiply - Multiply vector by vector

func Vector2Negate

func Vector2Negate(v Vector2) Vector2

Vector2Negate - Negate vector

func Vector2Normalize

func Vector2Normalize(v Vector2) Vector2

Vector2Normalize - Normalize provided vector

func Vector2One

func Vector2One() Vector2

Vector2One - Vector with components value 1.0

func Vector2Scale

func Vector2Scale(v Vector2, scale float32) Vector2

Vector2Scale - Scale vector (multiply by value)

func Vector2Subtract

func Vector2Subtract(v1, v2 Vector2) Vector2

Vector2Subtract - Subtract two vectors (v1 - v2)

func Vector2Zero

func Vector2Zero() Vector2

Vector2Zero - Vector with components value 0.0

type Vector3

type Vector3 struct {
	X float32
	Y float32
	Z float32

Vector3 type

func ColorToHSV

func ColorToHSV(col color.RGBA) Vector3

ColorToHSV - Returns HSV values for a Color, hue [0..360], saturation/value [0..1]

func NewVector3

func NewVector3(X, Y, Z float32) Vector3

NewVector3 - Returns new Vector3

func Vector3Add

func Vector3Add(v1, v2 Vector3) Vector3

Vector3Add - Add two vectors

func Vector3Barycenter

func Vector3Barycenter(p, a, b, c Vector3) Vector3

Vector3Barycenter - Barycenter coords for p in triangle abc

func Vector3CrossProduct

func Vector3CrossProduct(v1, v2 Vector3) Vector3

Vector3CrossProduct - Calculate two vectors cross product

func Vector3Lerp

func Vector3Lerp(v1, v2 Vector3, amount float32) Vector3

Vector3Lerp - Calculate linear interpolation between two vectors

func Vector3Max

func Vector3Max(vec1, vec2 Vector3) Vector3

Vector3Max - Return max value for each pair of components

func Vector3Min

func Vector3Min(vec1, vec2 Vector3) Vector3

Vector3Min - Return min value for each pair of components

func Vector3Multiply

func Vector3Multiply(v Vector3, scalar float32) Vector3

Vector3Multiply - Multiply vector by scalar

func Vector3MultiplyV

func Vector3MultiplyV(v1, v2 Vector3) Vector3

Vector3MultiplyV - Multiply vector by vector

func Vector3Negate

func Vector3Negate(v Vector3) Vector3

Vector3Negate - Negate provided vector (invert direction)

func Vector3Normalize

func Vector3Normalize(v Vector3) Vector3

Vector3Normalize - Normalize provided vector

func Vector3One

func Vector3One() Vector3

Vector3One - Vector with components value 1.0

func Vector3Perpendicular

func Vector3Perpendicular(v Vector3) Vector3

Vector3Perpendicular - Calculate one vector perpendicular vector

func Vector3Reflect

func Vector3Reflect(vector, normal Vector3) Vector3

Vector3Reflect - Calculate reflected vector to normal

func Vector3Scale

func Vector3Scale(v Vector3, scale float32) Vector3

Vector3Scale - Scale provided vector

func Vector3Subtract

func Vector3Subtract(v1, v2 Vector3) Vector3

Vector3Subtract - Subtract two vectors

func Vector3Transform

func Vector3Transform(v Vector3, mat Matrix) Vector3

Vector3Transform - Transforms a Vector3 by a given Matrix

func Vector3Zero

func Vector3Zero() Vector3

Vector3Zero - Vector with components value 0.0

type Vector4

type Vector4 struct {
	X float32
	Y float32
	Z float32
	W float32

Vector4 type

func ColorNormalize

func ColorNormalize(col color.RGBA) Vector4

ColorNormalize - Returns color normalized as float [0..1]

func NewVector4

func NewVector4(X, Y, Z, W float32) Vector4

NewVector4 - Returns new Vector4

type Wave

type Wave struct {
	// Number of samples
	SampleCount uint32
	// Frequency (samples per second)
	SampleRate uint32
	// Bit depth (bits per sample): 8, 16, 32 (24 not supported)
	SampleSize uint32
	// Number of channels (1-mono, 2-stereo)
	Channels uint32
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Wave type, defines audio wave data

func LoadWave

func LoadWave(fileName string) Wave

LoadWave - Load wave data from file into RAM

func LoadWaveFromMemory

func LoadWaveFromMemory(fileType string, fileData []byte, dataSize int32) Wave

LoadWaveFromMemory - Load wave from memory buffer, fileType refers to extension: i.e. ".wav"

func NewWave

func NewWave(sampleCount, sampleRate, sampleSize, channels uint32, data []byte) Wave

NewWave - Returns new Wave

func WaveCopy

func WaveCopy(wave Wave) Wave

WaveCopy - Copy a wave to a new wave

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