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type GRPCHandlerServer

type GRPCHandlerServer struct {

GRPCHandlerServer ...

func NewGRPCHandlerServer

func NewGRPCHandlerServer() *GRPCHandlerServer

NewGRPCHandlerServer ...

func (*GRPCHandlerServer) Echo

func (s *GRPCHandlerServer) Echo(ctx context.Context, in *pb.GenericData) (*pb.GenericData, error)

Echo ...

func (*GRPCHandlerServer) Health

func (s *GRPCHandlerServer) Health(ctx context.Context, in *pb.HealthRequest) (*pb.HealthReply, error)

Health ...

func (*GRPCHandlerServer) Ping

func (s *GRPCHandlerServer) Ping(ctx context.Context, in *pb.PingRequest) (*pb.PingReply, error)

Ping ...

func (*GRPCHandlerServer) RegisterServer

func (s *GRPCHandlerServer) RegisterServer(grpcServer *grpc.Server)

RegisterServer ...

type HTTPHandlerServer

type HTTPHandlerServer struct{}

HTTPHandlerServer ...

func NewHTTPHandlerServer

func NewHTTPHandlerServer() *HTTPHandlerServer

NewHTTPHandlerServer ...

func (*HTTPHandlerServer) Echo

func (s *HTTPHandlerServer) Echo(ctx echo.Context) (err error)

Echo ...

func (*HTTPHandlerServer) Health

func (s *HTTPHandlerServer) Health(ctx echo.Context) (err error)

Health ...

func (*HTTPHandlerServer) Ping

func (s *HTTPHandlerServer) Ping(ctx echo.Context) (err error)

Ping ...

type HealthData

type HealthData struct {
	Services string `json:"services"`
	Errors   string `json:"errors"`

HealthData ...

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