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func NewActuator

func NewActuator(logger logr.Logger, delegateFactory DelegateFactory, mcmName string, mcmSeedChart, mcmShootChart util.Chart, imageVector imagevector.ImageVector) worker.Actuator

    NewActuator creates a new Actuator that reconciles Worker resources of Gardener's `` API group. It provides a default implementation that allows easier integration of providers.


    type DelegateFactory

    type DelegateFactory interface {
    	// WorkerDelegate returns a worker delegate interface that is used for the Worker reconciliation
    	// based on this generic actuator.
    	WorkerDelegate(context.Context, *extensionsv1alpha1.Worker, *extensionscontroller.Cluster) (WorkerDelegate, error)

      DelegateFactory acts upon Worker resources.

      type WorkerDelegate

      type WorkerDelegate interface {
      	// GetMachineControllerManagerChart should return the the chart and the values for the machine-controller-manager
      	// deployment.
      	GetMachineControllerManagerChartValues(context.Context) (map[string]interface{}, error)
      	// GetMachineControllerManagerShootChart should return the values to render the chart containing resources
      	// that are required by the machine-controller-manager inside the shoot cluster itself.
      	GetMachineControllerManagerShootChartValues(context.Context) (map[string]interface{}, error)
      	// MachineClassKind yields the name of the provider specific machine class.
      	MachineClassKind() string
      	// MachineClassList yields a newly initialized machine class list object.
      	MachineClassList() runtime.Object
      	// DeployMachineClasses generates and creates the provider specific machine classes.
      	DeployMachineClasses(context.Context) error
      	// GenerateMachineDeployments generates the configuration for the desired machine deployments.
      	GenerateMachineDeployments(context.Context) (worker.MachineDeployments, error)

        WorkerDelegate is used for the Worker reconciliation.