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func List

func List(home string) (result []string, err error)

List all projects in the given folder

func Update

func Update(home string, parallelism int) error

Update all projects in the given folder


type Project

type Project interface {
	Download() error
	Update() error
	Path() string

Project is basically any kind of project (git, local, svn, bzr, nfs...)

func New

func New(home, line string) Project

New decides what kind of project it is, based on the given line

func NewClonedGit

func NewClonedGit(home, folderName string) Project

NewClonedGit is a git project that was already cloned, so, only Update will work here.

func NewGit

func NewGit(cwd, line string) Project

NewGit A git project can be any repository in any given branch. It will be downloaded to the provided cwd

func NewLocal

func NewLocal(folder string) Project

NewLocal Returns a local project, which can be any folder you want to

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