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func CheckConfigurationIsHA

func CheckConfigurationIsHA(cfg *kubeadmapi.Etcd) bool

CheckConfigurationIsHA returns true if the given InitConfiguration etcd block appears to be an HA configuration.

func GetClientURL

func GetClientURL(localEndpoint *kubeadmapi.APIEndpoint) string

GetClientURL creates an HTTPS URL that uses the configured advertise address and client port for the API controller

func GetClientURLByIP

func GetClientURLByIP(ip string) string

GetClientURLByIP creates an HTTPS URL based on an IP address and the client listening port.

func GetPeerURL

func GetPeerURL(localEndpoint *kubeadmapi.APIEndpoint) string

GetPeerURL creates an HTTPS URL that uses the configured advertise address and peer port for the API controller

func IsEtcdListeningOnLocalHostOnly

func IsEtcdListeningOnLocalHostOnly() bool

IsEtcdListeningOnLocalHostOnly return true if the etcd manifest have etcd listening on localhost only. Listening on local host only was the default in kubeadm <= v1.12, while starting from v1.13 etcd is listening on localhost and API server advertise address (thus allowing add new member when doing join --control-plane). N.B. this code is necessary only in v1.14; starting from v1.15 all the etcd manifest should have 2 endpoints


type Client

type Client struct {
	Endpoints []string
	TLS       *tls.Config

Client provides connection parameters for an etcd cluster

func New

func New(endpoints []string, ca, cert, key string) (*Client, error)

New creates a new EtcdCluster client

func NewFromCluster

func NewFromCluster(client clientset.Interface, certificatesDir string) (*Client, error)

NewFromCluster creates an etcd client for the etcd endpoints defined in the ClusterStatus value stored in the kubeadm-config ConfigMap in kube-system namespace. Once created, the client synchronizes client's endpoints with the known endpoints from the etcd membership API (reality check).

func (*Client) AddMember

func (c *Client) AddMember(name string, peerAddrs string) ([]Member, error)

AddMember notifies an existing etcd cluster that a new member is joining

func (*Client) ClusterAvailable

func (c *Client) ClusterAvailable() (bool, error)

ClusterAvailable returns true if the cluster status indicates the cluster is available.

func (*Client) GetClusterStatus

func (c *Client) GetClusterStatus() (map[string]*clientv3.StatusResponse, error)

GetClusterStatus returns nil for status Up or error for status Down

func (*Client) GetClusterVersions

func (c *Client) GetClusterVersions() (map[string]string, error)

GetClusterVersions returns a map of the endpoints and their associated versions

func (*Client) GetMemberID

func (c *Client) GetMemberID(peerURL string) (uint64, error)

GetMemberID returns the member ID of the given peer URL

func (*Client) GetVersion

func (c *Client) GetVersion() (string, error)

GetVersion returns the etcd version of the cluster. An error is returned if the version of all endpoints do not match

func (*Client) RemoveMember

func (c *Client) RemoveMember(id uint64) ([]Member, error)

RemoveMember notifies an etcd cluster to remove an existing member

func (*Client) Sync

func (c *Client) Sync() error

Sync synchronizes client's endpoints with the known endpoints from the etcd membership.

func (*Client) WaitForClusterAvailable

func (c *Client) WaitForClusterAvailable(retries int, retryInterval time.Duration) (bool, error)

WaitForClusterAvailable returns true if all endpoints in the cluster are available after retry attempts, an error is returned otherwise

type ClusterInterrogator

type ClusterInterrogator interface {
	ClusterAvailable() (bool, error)
	GetClusterStatus() (map[string]*clientv3.StatusResponse, error)
	GetClusterVersions() (map[string]string, error)
	GetVersion() (string, error)
	WaitForClusterAvailable(retries int, retryInterval time.Duration) (bool, error)
	Sync() error
	AddMember(name string, peerAddrs string) ([]Member, error)
	GetMemberID(peerURL string) (uint64, error)
	RemoveMember(id uint64) ([]Member, error)

ClusterInterrogator is an interface to get etcd cluster related information

type Member

type Member struct {
	Name    string
	PeerURL string

Member struct defines an etcd member; it is used for avoiding to spread dependency across kubeadm codebase

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