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const (
	// ConstIdxInvalid ...
	ConstIdxInvalid = 0xff


This section is empty.


func CheckDatFiles

func CheckDatFiles()

CheckDatFiles ...

func CheckErrorsInDatFiles

func CheckErrorsInDatFiles(lang string) bool

CheckErrorsInDatFiles checks existence of all dat files

func GetGameLanguage

func GetGameLanguage() string

GetGameLanguage ...

func GetTestData

func GetTestData() []byte

GetTestData get

func GetTestDataSub

func GetTestDataSub(start int, end int) []byte

GetTestDataSub get

func LoadDataFiles

func LoadDataFiles()

LoadDataFiles ...

func LoadTestData

func LoadTestData()

LoadTestData ...

func SetGameLanguage

func SetGameLanguage(inLang string)

SetGameLanguage ...


type GameMessage

type GameMessage map[string]interface{}

GameMessage ...

type Mem

type Mem struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Mem is a main memory storage

func GetMem

func GetMem() *Mem

GetMem returns static mem

func (*Mem) GetLocalized

func (m *Mem) GetLocalized(key string) string

GetLocalized returns localized string

func (*Mem) Initialize

func (m *Mem) Initialize(inChannel <-chan GameMessage, outChannel chan<- GameMessage)

Initialize initialize mem

func (*Mem) SleepSeconds

func (m *Mem) SleepSeconds(seconds int)

SleepSeconds ...

type Resources

type Resources struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Resources represents of json, sprite, text cache

func GetResources

func GetResources() *Resources

GetResources ...

func (*Resources) GetMessage

func (r *Resources) GetMessage(key string) string

GetMessage return localized string from message.json

func (*Resources) GetTopMenu

func (r *Resources) GetTopMenu(abilityIdx int) string

GetTopMenu gets

func (*Resources) Initialize

func (r *Resources) Initialize()

Initialize ...

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