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func IsInvalidConfig

func IsInvalidConfig(err error) bool

IsInvalidConfig asserts invalidConfigError.

func IsTimeout added in v5.11.0

func IsTimeout(err error) bool

IsTimeout asserts timeoutError.

func IsUnexpectedStatusPhase

func IsUnexpectedStatusPhase(err error) bool

IsUnexpectedStatusPhase asserts notFoundError.


type Clients

type Clients struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewClients

func NewClients(config ClientsConfig) (*Clients, error)

func (*Clients) CRDClient

func (c *Clients) CRDClient() k8scrdclient.Interface

func (*Clients) CtrlClient

func (c *Clients) CtrlClient() client.Client

func (*Clients) DynClient

func (c *Clients) DynClient() dynamic.Interface

func (*Clients) ExtClient

func (c *Clients) ExtClient() apiextensionsclient.Interface

func (*Clients) G8sClient

func (c *Clients) G8sClient() versioned.Interface

func (*Clients) K8sClient

func (c *Clients) K8sClient() kubernetes.Interface

func (*Clients) RESTClient

func (c *Clients) RESTClient() rest.Interface

func (*Clients) RESTConfig

func (c *Clients) RESTConfig() *rest.Config

func (*Clients) Scheme

func (c *Clients) Scheme() *runtime.Scheme

type ClientsConfig

type ClientsConfig struct {
	Logger micrologger.Logger
	// SchemeBuilder is an optional way to extend the known types to the global
	// client-go scheme. Make use of it for custom CRs.
	SchemeBuilder SchemeBuilder

	// KubeConfigPath and RestConfig are mutually exclusive.
	KubeConfigPath string
	// RestConfig and KubeConfigPath are mutually exclusive.
	RestConfig *rest.Config

type Interface

type Interface interface {
	CRDClient() k8scrdclient.Interface
	CtrlClient() client.Client
	DynClient() dynamic.Interface
	ExtClient() apiextensionsclient.Interface
	G8sClient() versioned.Interface
	K8sClient() kubernetes.Interface
	RESTClient() rest.Interface
	RESTConfig() *rest.Config
	Scheme() *runtime.Scheme

type SchemeBuilder

type SchemeBuilder []func(*runtime.Scheme) error

SchemeBuilder is an optional way to extend the known types to the global client-go scheme. Make use of it for custom CRs.

Typical usage:


type Setup

type Setup struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewSetup

func NewSetup(config SetupConfig) (*Setup, error)

func (*Setup) EnsureCRDCreated

func (s *Setup) EnsureCRDCreated(ctx context.Context, crd *apiextensionsv1.CustomResourceDefinition) error

func (*Setup) EnsureCRDDeleted

func (s *Setup) EnsureCRDDeleted(ctx context.Context, crd *apiextensionsv1.CustomResourceDefinition) error

func (*Setup) EnsureNamespaceCreated

func (s *Setup) EnsureNamespaceCreated(ctx context.Context, namespace string) error

func (*Setup) EnsureNamespaceDeleted

func (s *Setup) EnsureNamespaceDeleted(ctx context.Context, namespace string) error

type SetupConfig

type SetupConfig struct {
	Clients *Clients
	Logger  micrologger.Logger


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