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Alternative logging through zap. Thanks for Pull Request from @yezooz


Start using it

Download and install it:

$ go get

Import it in your code:

import ""


See the example.

package main

import (


func main() {
	r := gin.New()

	logger, _ := zap.NewProduction()

	// Add a ginzap middleware, which:
	//   - Logs all requests, like a combined access and error log.
	//   - Logs to stdout.
	//   - RFC3339 with UTC time format.
	r.Use(ginzap.Ginzap(logger, time.RFC3339, true))

	// Logs all panic to error log
	//   - stack means whether output the stack info.
	r.Use(ginzap.RecoveryWithZap(logger, true))

	// Example ping request.
	r.GET("/ping", func(c *gin.Context) {
		c.String(200, "pong "+fmt.Sprint(time.Now().Unix()))

	// Example when panic happen.
	r.GET("/panic", func(c *gin.Context) {
		panic("An unexpected error happen!")

	// Listen and Server in



Package ginzap provides log handling using zap package. Code structure based on ginrus package.



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func Ginzap

func Ginzap(logger *zap.Logger, timeFormat string, utc bool) gin.HandlerFunc

Ginzap returns a gin.HandlerFunc (middleware) that logs requests using uber-go/zap.

Requests with errors are logged using zap.Error(). Requests without errors are logged using zap.Info().

It receives:

1. A time package format string (e.g. time.RFC3339).
2. A boolean stating whether to use UTC time zone or local.

func RecoveryWithZap

func RecoveryWithZap(logger *zap.Logger, stack bool) gin.HandlerFunc

RecoveryWithZap returns a gin.HandlerFunc (middleware) that recovers from any panics and logs requests using uber-go/zap. All errors are logged using zap.Error(). stack means whether output the stack info. The stack info is easy to find where the error occurs but the stack info is too large.


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