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Package network contains functions that deal with stellar network passphrases and IDs.



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const (
	// PublicNetworkPassphrase is the pass phrase used for every transaction intended for the public stellar network
	PublicNetworkPassphrase = "Public Global Stellar Network ; September 2015"
	// TestNetworkPassphrase is the pass phrase used for every transaction intended for the SDF-run test network
	TestNetworkPassphrase = "Test SDF Network ; September 2015"


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func HashTransaction

func HashTransaction(tx *xdr.Transaction, passphrase string) ([32]byte, error)

HashTransaction derives the network specific hash for the provided transaction using the network identified by the supplied passphrase. The resulting hash is the value that can be signed by stellar secret key to authorize the transaction identified by the hash to stellar validators.

func ID

func ID(passphrase string) [32]byte

ID returns the network ID derived from the provided passphrase. This value also happens to be the raw (i.e. not strkey encoded) secret key for the root account of the network.


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