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type AssetCode

type AssetCode string
const (
	AssetCodeBTC AssetCode = "BTC"
	AssetCodeETH AssetCode = "ETH"

type MockQueue

type MockQueue struct {

MockQueue is a mockable queue.

func (*MockQueue) QueueAdd

func (m *MockQueue) QueueAdd(tx Transaction) error

func (*MockQueue) QueuePool

func (m *MockQueue) QueuePool() (*Transaction, error)

type Queue

type Queue interface {
	// QueueAdd inserts the element to this queue. If element already exists in a queue, it should
	// return nil.
	QueueAdd(tx Transaction) error
	// QueuePool receives and removes the head of this queue. Returns nil if no elements found.
	QueuePool() (*Transaction, error)

Queue implements transactions queue. The queue must not allow duplicates (including history) or must implement deduplication interval so it should not allow duplicate entries for 5 minutes since the first entry with the same ID was added. This is a critical requirement! Otherwise ETH/BTC may be sent twice to Stellar account. If you don't know what to do, use default AWS SQS FIFO queue or DB queue.

type SQSFiFo

type SQSFiFo struct{}

func (*SQSFiFo) Add

func (s *SQSFiFo) Add(tx Transaction) error

func (*SQSFiFo) Pool

func (s *SQSFiFo) Pool() (*Transaction, error)

type Transaction

type Transaction struct {
	TransactionID string
	AssetCode     AssetCode
	// CRITICAL REQUIREMENT: Amount in the base unit of currency.
	// For 10 satoshi this should be equal 0.0000001
	// For 1 BTC      this should be equal 1.0000000
	// For 1 Finney   this should be equal 0.0010000
	// For 1 ETH      this should be equal 1.0000000
	// Currently, the length of Amount string shouldn't be longer than 17 characters.
	Amount           string
	StellarPublicKey string

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