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type AccountConfigurator

type AccountConfigurator struct {
	Horizon               horizon.ClientInterface `inject:""`
	NetworkPassphrase     string
	IssuerPublicKey       string
	DistributionPublicKey string
	SignerSecretKey       string
	LockUnixTimestamp     uint64
	NeedsAuthorize        bool
	TokenAssetCode        string
	TokenPriceBTC         string
	TokenPriceETH         string
	StartingBalance       string
	OnAccountCreated      func(destination string)
	OnExchanged           func(destination string)
	OnExchangedTimelocked func(destination, transaction string)
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

AccountConfigurator is responsible for configuring new Stellar accounts that participate in ICO.

func (*AccountConfigurator) ConfigureAccount

func (ac *AccountConfigurator) ConfigureAccount(destination, assetCode, amount string)

ConfigureAccount configures a new account that participated in ICO. * First it creates a new account. * Once a signer is replaced on the account, it creates trust lines and exchanges assets.

func (*AccountConfigurator) Start

func (ac *AccountConfigurator) Start() error

type Status

type Status string

Status describes status of account processing

const (
	StatusCreatingAccount    Status = "creating_account"
	StatusWaitingForSigner   Status = "waiting_for_signer"
	StatusConfiguringAccount Status = "configuring_account"
	StatusRemovingSigner     Status = "removing_signer"

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