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Package parse contains functions that can be used in the setup code for plugins.



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func HostPort added in v1.2.3

func HostPort(s, defaultPort string) (string, error)

HostPort will check if the host part is a valid IP address, if the IP address is valid, but no port is found, defaultPort is added.

func HostPortOrFile added in v1.2.3

func HostPortOrFile(s ...string) ([]string, error)

HostPortOrFile parses the strings in s, each string can either be a address, [scheme://]address:port or a filename. The address part is checked and in case of filename a resolv.conf like file is (assumed) and parsed and the nameservers found are returned.

func Transfer

func Transfer(c *caddy.Controller, secondary bool) (tos, froms []string, err error)

Transfer parses transfer statements: 'transfer [to|from] [address...]'.

func Transport added in v1.2.3

func Transport(s string) (trans string, addr string)

Transport returns the transport defined in s and a string where the transport prefix is removed (if there was any). If no transport is defined we default to TransportDNS


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