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const (

	// NilCloser is a no-op Closer.
	NilCloser = nilCloser(true)


This section is empty.


func ErrorEqual

func ErrorEqual(left, right error) bool

ErrorEqual compares Go errors for equality.

func NewCallbackCloser

func NewCallbackCloser(fn func()) *callbackCloser

NewCallbackCloser returns a Closer that calls the provided function upon closing.


type Closer

type Closer interface {
	// Close reaps the underlying directory and its children.  The directory
	// could be deleted by its users already.

Closer is the interface that wraps the Close method.

type T

type T interface {
	Fatal(args ...interface{})
	Fatalf(format string, args ...interface{})

T implements the needed methods of testing.TB so that we do not need to actually import testing (which has the side affect of adding all the test flags, which we do not want in non-test binaries even if they make use of these utilities for some reason).

type TemporaryDirectory

type TemporaryDirectory interface {

	// Path returns the underlying path for access.
	Path() string

TemporaryDirectory models a closeable path for transient POSIX disk activities.

func NewTemporaryDirectory

func NewTemporaryDirectory(name string, t T) (handler TemporaryDirectory)

NewTemporaryDirectory creates a new temporary directory for transient POSIX activities.

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