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const (
	UnreadableJSON       = 21000
	MalformedData        = 21002
	AuthenticationError  = 21003
	UnmatchedSecret      = 21004
	ServerUnavailable    = 21005
	SubscriptionExpired  = 21006
	SandboxReceiptOnProd = 21007
	ProdReceiptOnSandbox = 21008

Error codes as they returned by the App Store


This section is empty.


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type Error

type Error struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Error Error

func (*Error) Code

func (e *Error) Code() float64

Code Simple method to get the original error code from the error object

type ErrorWithCode

type ErrorWithCode interface {
	Code() float64

ErrorWithCode Simple interface to get the original error code from the error object

type PurchaseReceipt

type PurchaseReceipt struct {
	Quantity                  string `json:"quantity"`
	ProductId                 string `json:"product_id"`
	TransactionId             string `json:"transaction_id"`
	OriginalTransactionId     string `json:"original_transaction_id"`
	PurchaseDate              string `json:"purchase_date"`
	OriginalPurchaseDate      string `json:"original_purchase_date"`
	ExpiresDate               string `json:"expires_date"`
	AppItemId                 string `json:"app_item_id"`
	VersionExternalIdentifier string `json:"version_external_identifier"`
	WebOrderLineItemId        string `json:"web_order_line_item_id"`

PurchaseReceipt PurchaseReceipt

type Receipt

type Receipt struct {
	BundleId                   string            `json:"bundle_id"`
	ApplicationVersion         string            `json:"application_version"`
	InApp                      []PurchaseReceipt `json:"in_app"`
	OriginalApplicationVersion string            `json:"original_application_version"`

Receipt is information returned by Apple Documentation:

func VerifyReceipt

func VerifyReceipt(receiptData string, useSandbox bool) (*Receipt, error)

VerifyReceipt Given receiptData (base64 encoded) it tries to connect to either the sandbox (useSandbox true) or apples ordinary service (useSandbox false) to validate the receipt. Returns either a receipt struct or an error.

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