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Published: Aug 31, 2018 License: GPL-3.0


Gladius Control Daemon

See the main gladius-node repository to see more.

Cross compile

To compile for other systems you need to install xgo. This is because of the Ethereum CGO bindings.

Run make dependencies

Then run xgo --targets="windows/*,darwin/*,linux/*" --dest="./build/" ./cmd/gladius-controld from the project root. You can change the target to be whatever system you want.

Optionally, you can install and run linting tools:

go get
gometalinter.v2 --install
make lint

API Documentation

See the API Documentation

This document provides documentation for the Gladius Control Daemon to build interfaces on top of the Gladius Network with familiar REST API calls. If something needs more detail or explanation, please file an issue.

Throughout the document, you will see {{ETH_ADDRESS}}. This is a placeholder for either a node address or pool address in almost all cases.

Known issues

  • You will need to install glibc on systems that don't have it by default (like alpine linux) to be able to run. This is due to the C bindings that Ethereum has.


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