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awsweb is a tiny CLI tool that makes it easier to hop between AWS accounts and profiles without going through the regular username + password, switch role, switch region dance. It uses the credentials in ~/.aws and optionally user-provided or stored MFA credentials.


You can download the latest build of awsweb from the project's Github Releases page. Download the binary for your platform and place it somewhere in your PATH.

Or, via homebrew:

brew tap glassechidna/taps
brew install awsweb


Your ~/.aws/config should already look something like this:

region = ap-southeast-2

[profile mycompany-prod]
role_arn = arn:aws:iam::1234567890:role/Developer
source_profile = mycompany
region = us-east-1
mfa_serial = arn:aws:iam::0987654321:mfa/

Your ~/.aws/credentials will look like this:

aws_access_key_id = AKIA...
aws_secret_access_key = qGrg....

You should also add the MFA serial number to your config file in the "source" account, e.g.

region = ap-southeast-2
mfa_serial = arn:aws:iam::0987654321:mfa/


You can then do awsweb browser mycompany-prod and a browser window will pop up.
Or eval "$(awsweb env mycompany-prod)" to set AWS_* environment variables for profile mycompany-prod.
Also awsweb set mycompany-prod will update the default profile (in ~/.aws/config and ~/.aws/credentials) with the temporary credentials.

Temporary credentials last for 1 hour and are cached in ~/.aws/awswebcache

Handy bash aliases
alias ab='awsweb browser'

awsenv() {
  eval $(awsweb env "$@")

alias ae='awsenv'

eg: ae mycompany-prod to set AWS-* environment variables for profile mycompany-prod.


If you're using Powershell, you can do:

$Cmd = (awsweb env --shell powershell mycompany-prod) | Out-String
Invoke-Expression $Cmd


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