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func NewWithFilesystem

func NewWithFilesystem(fss ...http.FileSystem) i18n.Backend

NewWithFilesystem initializes a backend that reads translation files from an http.FileSystem.

func NewWithWalk

func NewWithWalk(paths ...string) i18n.Backend

NewWithWalk has the same functionality as New but uses filepath.Walk to find all the translation files recursively.


type Backend

type Backend struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Backend YAML backend

func New

func New(paths ...string) *Backend

New new YAML backend for I18n

func (*Backend) DeleteTranslation

func (backend *Backend) DeleteTranslation(t *i18n.Translation) error

DeleteTranslation delete translation into YAML backend, not implemented

func (*Backend) LoadTranslations

func (backend *Backend) LoadTranslations() (translations []*i18n.Translation)

LoadTranslations load translations from YAML backend

func (*Backend) LoadYAMLContent

func (backend *Backend) LoadYAMLContent(content []byte) (translations []*i18n.Translation, err error)

LoadYAMLContent load YAML content

func (*Backend) SaveTranslation

func (backend *Backend) SaveTranslation(t *i18n.Translation) error

SaveTranslation save translation into YAML backend, not implemented

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