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Package markdown parses and HTML-renders Markdown documents.



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func NewBfRenderer

func NewBfRenderer() blackfriday.Renderer

NewBfRenderer creates the default blackfriday renderer to be passed to NewParser()

func NewParser

func NewParser(renderer blackfriday.Renderer) *blackfriday.Markdown

NewParser creates a new Markdown parser (the same one used by Run).


type Document

type Document struct {
	// Meta is the document's metadata in the Markdown "front matter", if any.
	Meta Metadata

	// Title is taken from the metadata (if it exists) or else from the text content of the first
	// heading.
	Title string

	// HTML is the rendered Markdown content.
	HTML []byte

	// Tree is the tree of sections (used to show a table of contents).
	Tree []*SectionNode

Document is a parsed and HTML-rendered Markdown document.

func Run

func Run(ctx context.Context, input []byte, opt Options) (*Document, error)

Run parses and HTML-renders a Markdown document (with optional metadata in the Markdown "front matter").

type FuncInfo

type FuncInfo struct {
	Version string // the version of the content containing the page to render

FuncInfo contains information passed to Markdown functions about the current execution context.

type FuncMap

type FuncMap map[string]func(context.Context, FuncInfo, map[string]string) (string, error)

FuncMap contains named functions that can be invoked within Markdown documents (see (Options).Funcs).

type Metadata

type Metadata struct {
	Title                       string `yaml:"title"`
	IgnoreDisconnectedPageCheck bool   `yaml:"ignoreDisconnectedPageCheck"`

Metadata is document metadata in the "front matter" of a Markdown document.

type Options

type Options struct {
	// Base is the base URL (typically including only the path, such as "/" or "/help/") to use when
	// resolving relative links.
	Base *url.URL

	// ContentFilePathToLinkPath converts references to file paths of other content files to the URL
	// path to use in links. For example, ContentFilePathToLinkPath("a/") == "a".
	ContentFilePathToLinkPath func(string) string

	// Funcs are custom functions that can be invoked within Markdown documents with
	// <markdownfuncjfunction-name arg="val" />.
	Funcs FuncMap

	// FuncInfo contains information passed to Markdown functions about the current execution
	// context.
	FuncInfo FuncInfo

Options customize how Run parses and HTML-renders the Markdown document.

type SectionNode

type SectionNode struct {
	Title    string         // section title
	URL      string         // section URL (usually an anchor link)
	Level    int            // heading level (1–6)
	Children []*SectionNode // subsections

SectionNode is a section and its children.

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