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type MetaDocument

type MetaDocument struct {
	ID      string `json:"id"` // ID is the document path
	Body    string `json:"body"`
	Summary string `json:"summary"`

MetaDocument holds the meta document info and summary

type QueryResults

type QueryResults struct {
	Query    string   `json:"query"`
	CutScore float64  `json:"cutscore"`
	Results  []Result `json:"results"`

QueryResults holds a slice of returns

type Result

type Result struct {
	ID    string  `json:"id"`
	Score float64 `json:"score"`

Result is a query result holder

type SearchEngine

type SearchEngine struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

SearchEngine represents a generic search engine wrapping bleve

func NewSearchEngine

func NewSearchEngine(indexPath string, summarizer *summarizer.PersistentSummarizer) *SearchEngine

NewSearchEngine creates a new search engine

func (*SearchEngine) AddDocuments

func (se *SearchEngine) AddDocuments(filePath string) error

AddDocuments creates the needed meta info around a file, reads it and holds its summary

func (*SearchEngine) CloseIndex

func (se *SearchEngine) CloseIndex()

CloseIndex safely closes an open index

func (*SearchEngine) CreateOrOpenIndex

func (se *SearchEngine) CreateOrOpenIndex(indexPath string) error

CreateOrOpenIndex sets up the search index structure

func (*SearchEngine) Query

func (se *SearchEngine) Query(query string) (*QueryResults, error)

Query , fetch results, rank and aggregate

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