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Uniqush is a free and open source software which provides a unified push service for server-side notification to apps on mobile devices. By running uniqush on server side, you can push notification to any supported mobile platform.

Supported Platforms

  • GCM from google for android platform
  • APNS from apple for iOS platform
  • ADM from amazon for Kindle tables
  • C2DM from google for android platform (deprecated by google. using GCM instead.)


  • Q: A general push notification platform for all systems? How does this differ from services like urbanairship?

  • A: urbanairship is a great service, and there're other similar services available, like openpush, notifica, etc. All of them are wonderful services. However, uniqush is different from them. Uniqush is not a service. Instead, Uniqush is a system, which runs on your own server. In fact, if you wish, you can use uniqush to setup a similar service like urbanairship.

  • Q: OK. Then is it a library? Like java-apns?

  • A: Well.. Not actually. I mean, it is a program, like apache httpd. You download it, you run it, that's it. You don't need to worry about which language to use, package dependencies, etc.

  • Q: But wait, how can I use it anyway? I mean, if my program wants to push something, I need to tell uniqush about this action. How can I communicate with uniqush? There must be some library so that I can use it in my program to talk with uniqush, right?

  • A: We are trying to make it easier. uniqush-push provides RESTful APIs. In other words, you talk with uniqush-push through HTTP protocol. As long as there's an HTTP client library for your language, you can use it and talk with uniqush-push. For details about the our RESTful APIs, you may want to check out our document.

  • Q: Then that's cool. But I noticed that you are using Go programming language. Do I need to install Go compiler and other stuff to run uniqush-push?

  • A: No. There is no dependency. All you need to do is to download the binary file from the download page and install it. You only need to have a redis database running somewhere so that uniqush-push can store the user data in redis. For more details, here is the installation guide

  • Q: This is nice. I want to give it a try. But you are keep talking about uniqush-push, and I'm talking about uniqush, are they the same thing?

  • A: Thank you for your support! Uniqush is intended to be the name of a system which provides a full stack solution for communication between mobile devices and the app's server. uniqush-push is one piece of the system. However, right now, uniqush-push is the only piece and others are under actively devlopment. If you want to know more details about the uniqush system's plan, you can read the blog post. If you want to know the latest progress about uniqush system, please check our blog. And if you are really impatient, our github account will always contain the latest progress.


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