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func Bool

func Bool(in string) bool

Bool converts a string to a boolean value, using strconv.ParseBool under the covers. Possible true values are: 1, t, T, TRUE, true, True All other values are considered false.

func Has

func Has(in interface{}, key string) bool

Has determines whether or not a given object has a property with the given key

func Join

func Join(in interface{}, sep string) string

Join concatenates the elements of a to create a single string. The separator string sep is placed between elements in the resulting string.

This is functionally identical to strings.Join, except that each element is coerced to a string first

func MustAtoi

func MustAtoi(s string) int

MustAtoi - wrapper for strconv.Atoi that returns 0 in the case of error

func MustParseFloat

func MustParseFloat(s string, bitSize int) float64

MustParseFloat - wrapper for strconv.ParseFloat that returns 0 in the case of error

func MustParseInt

func MustParseInt(s string, base, bitSize int) int64

MustParseInt - wrapper for strconv.ParseInt that returns 0 in the case of error

func MustParseUint

func MustParseUint(s string, base, bitSize int) uint64

MustParseUint - wrapper for strconv.ParseUint that returns 0 in the case of error

func Slice

func Slice(args ...interface{}) []interface{}

Slice creates a slice from a bunch of arguments


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