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Package intNodes defines the integer function collection available for the GEP algorithm.



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var Int = functions.FuncMap{}/* 147 elements not displayed */

Int lists all the available integer functions for this package.


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type IntNode

type IntNode struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

IntNode is an integer function used for the formation of GEP expressions.

func (IntNode) BoolFunction

func (n IntNode) BoolFunction([]bool) bool

BoolFunction is unused in this package and returns an error.

func (IntNode) Float64Function

func (n IntNode) Float64Function([]float64) float64

Float64Function is unused in this package and returns an error.

func (IntNode) IntFunction

func (n IntNode) IntFunction(x []int) int

IntFunction calls the integer function and returns the result.

func (IntNode) Symbol

func (n IntNode) Symbol() string

Symbol returns the Karva symbol for this integer function.

func (IntNode) Terminals

func (n IntNode) Terminals() int

Terminals returns the number of input terminals for this integer function.

func (IntNode) VectorIntFunction

func (n IntNode) VectorIntFunction([]functions.VectorInt) functions.VectorInt

VectorIntFunction allows FuncMap to implement interace functions.FuncMap.

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