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func DecryptKeysFromKeystore

func DecryptKeysFromKeystore(directory string, password string) (map[string]*keystore.Key, error)

DecryptKeysFromKeystore extracts a set of validator private keys from an encrypted keystore directory and a password string.

func Exists

func Exists(keystorePath string) (bool, error)

Exists checks if a validator account at a given keystore path exists.

func InteropValidatorKeys

func InteropValidatorKeys(idx, count uint64) (map[string]*keystore.Key, error)

InteropValidatorKeys deterministically generate the required amount of validator keys according to thr given index and count.

func LoadUnencryptedKeys

func LoadUnencryptedKeys(path string) (map[string]*keystore.Key, error)

LoadUnencryptedKeys loads the unencrypted keys from the given file path.

func NewValidatorAccount

func NewValidatorAccount(directory string, password string) error

NewValidatorAccount sets up a validator client's secrets and generates the necessary deposit data parameters needed to deposit into the deposit contract on the ETH1.0 chain. Specifically, this generates a BLS private and public key, and then logs the serialized deposit input hex string to be used in an ETH1.0 transaction by the validator.

func VerifyAccountNotExists

func VerifyAccountNotExists(directory string, password string) error

VerifyAccountNotExists checks if a validator has not yet created an account and keystore in the provided directory string.


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