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SIGNIL is the nil signal.

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var SignalLookup = map[string]os.Signal{
	"SIGABRT": syscall.SIGABRT,
	"SIGALRM": syscall.SIGALRM,
	"SIGBUS":  syscall.SIGBUS,
	"SIGCHLD": syscall.SIGCHLD,
	"SIGCONT": syscall.SIGCONT,
	"SIGFPE":  syscall.SIGFPE,
	"SIGHUP":  syscall.SIGHUP,
	"SIGILL":  syscall.SIGILL,
	"SIGINT":  syscall.SIGINT,
	"SIGIO":   syscall.SIGIO,
	"SIGIOT":  syscall.SIGIOT,
	"SIGKILL": syscall.SIGKILL,
	"SIGPIPE": syscall.SIGPIPE,
	"SIGPROF": syscall.SIGPROF,
	"SIGQUIT": syscall.SIGQUIT,
	"SIGSEGV": syscall.SIGSEGV,
	"SIGSTOP": syscall.SIGSTOP,
	"SIGSYS":  syscall.SIGSYS,
	"SIGTERM": syscall.SIGTERM,
	"SIGTRAP": syscall.SIGTRAP,
	"SIGTSTP": syscall.SIGTSTP,
	"SIGTTIN": syscall.SIGTTIN,
	"SIGTTOU": syscall.SIGTTOU,
	"SIGURG":  syscall.SIGURG,
	"SIGUSR1": syscall.SIGUSR1,
	"SIGUSR2": syscall.SIGUSR2,
	"SIGXCPU": syscall.SIGXCPU,
	"SIGXFSZ": syscall.SIGXFSZ,
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var ValidSignals []string

ValidSignals is the list of all valid signals. This is built at runtime because it is OS-dependent.


func Parse

func Parse(s string) (os.Signal, error)

Parse parses the given string as a signal. If the signal is not found, an error is returned.

func StringToSignalFunc

func StringToSignalFunc() mapstructure.DecodeHookFunc

StringToSignalFunc parses a string as a signal based on the signal lookup table. If the user supplied an empty string or nil, a special "nil signal" is returned. Clients should check for this value and set the response back nil after mapstructure finishes parsing.


type NilSignal

type NilSignal int

NilSignal is a special signal that is blank or "nil"

func (*NilSignal) Signal

func (s *NilSignal) Signal()

func (*NilSignal) String

func (s *NilSignal) String() string

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