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Golpje is a pet project created to automatically search the piratebay for new episodes of tv shows and download them.
The binary created has zero dependencies, it even has a bittorrent client integrated.

minimal effort usage

This setup will create a directory in your current working director called shows and automatically download download "new" episodes of the daily show and south park. (minimal season 20 for south park and at least from 2017 for the daily show)

  • Download a suitable release from the releases page and extract it
  • run ./golpje start &
  • run ./golpje show add --name "daily show" --regexp "daily.*show" --active --minseason 2017
  • run ./golpje show add --name "south park" --regexp "south.*park" --active --minseason 20 --seasonal
  • ???
  • profit


golpje looks in several places for its configuration:

  • ./config.yml (current directory)
  • /etc/golpje/config.yml
  • $HOME/.golpje/config.yml
  • environment variables (prefix with GOLPJE_ and uppercase the following values)

Default values are shown between parenthesis.

  • shows_path ("./shows/")
    • path to download shows into
  • download_path ("/tmp/golpje/")
    • path used for storing the data while downloading (preferably on the same partition for quicker moving the data to the final destination)
  • database_file ("golpje.db")
    • path to store the database (must be writable for the executing user)
  • port (":3222")
    • address:port to listen on for the client
  • metrics_enabled (true)
    • enables an prometheus endpoint to scrape some metrics metrics
  • metrics_port (":8080")
    • port to listen on for the metrics
  • metrics_path ("/metrics")
    • path to listen on for the metrics
  • cli_address ("localhost:3222")
    • this is used when issuing commands can be used to talk to a remote golpje instance (most useful when defined with an env var)
  • search_enabled (true)
    • set this to false to disable searching completely, can be useful when testing
  • search_interval ("15m")
    • interval to search the piratebay, uses the golang parseDuration to parse the duration


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Path Synopsis
Package golpje is a generated protocol buffer package.
Package golpje is a generated protocol buffer package.

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