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const (
	EC256   = KeyType("P256")
	EC384   = KeyType("P384")
	RSA2048 = KeyType("2048")
	RSA4096 = KeyType("4096")
	RSA8192 = KeyType("8192")

    Constants for all key types we support.

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    const (
    	// OCSPGood means that the certificate is valid.
    	OCSPGood = ocsp.Good
    	// OCSPRevoked means that the certificate has been deliberately revoked.
    	OCSPRevoked = ocsp.Revoked
    	// OCSPUnknown means that the OCSP responder doesn't know about the certificate.
    	OCSPUnknown = ocsp.Unknown
    	// OCSPServerFailed means that the OCSP responder failed to process the request.
    	OCSPServerFailed = ocsp.ServerFailed


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    func ExtractDomains

    func ExtractDomains(cert *x509.Certificate) []string

    func ExtractDomainsCSR

    func ExtractDomainsCSR(csr *x509.CertificateRequest) []string

    func GenerateCSR

    func GenerateCSR(privateKey crypto.PrivateKey, domain string, san []string, mustStaple bool) ([]byte, error)

    func GeneratePemCert

    func GeneratePemCert(privateKey *rsa.PrivateKey, domain string, extensions []pkix.Extension) ([]byte, error)

    func GeneratePrivateKey

    func GeneratePrivateKey(keyType KeyType) (crypto.PrivateKey, error)

    func PEMBlock

    func PEMBlock(data interface{}) *pem.Block

    func PEMEncode

    func PEMEncode(data interface{}) []byte

    func ParsePEMBundle

    func ParsePEMBundle(bundle []byte) ([]*x509.Certificate, error)

      ParsePEMBundle parses a certificate bundle from top to bottom and returns a slice of x509 certificates. This function will error if no certificates are found.

      func ParsePEMCertificate

      func ParsePEMCertificate(cert []byte) (*x509.Certificate, error)

        ParsePEMCertificate returns Certificate from a PEM encoded certificate. The certificate has to be PEM encoded. Any other encodings like DER will fail.

        func ParsePEMPrivateKey

        func ParsePEMPrivateKey(key []byte) (crypto.PrivateKey, error)

        func PemDecodeTox509CSR

        func PemDecodeTox509CSR(pem []byte) (*x509.CertificateRequest, error)


        type DERCertificateBytes

        type DERCertificateBytes []byte

        type KeyType

        type KeyType string

          KeyType represents the key algo as well as the key size or curve to use.

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