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func SetupFakeAPI

func SetupFakeAPI() (*http.ServeMux, string, func())

    SetupFakeAPI Minimal stub ACME server for validation.

    func WriteJSONResponse

    func WriteJSONResponse(w http.ResponseWriter, body interface{}) error

      WriteJSONResponse marshals the body as JSON and writes it to the response.


      type EnvTest

      type EnvTest struct {
      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

        EnvTest Environment variables manager for tests.

        func NewEnvTest

        func NewEnvTest(keys ...string) *EnvTest

          NewEnvTest Creates an EnvTest.

          func (*EnvTest) Apply

          func (e *EnvTest) Apply(envVars map[string]string)

            Apply Sets/Unsets environment variables. Not related to the main environment variables.

            func (*EnvTest) ClearEnv

            func (e *EnvTest) ClearEnv()

              ClearEnv Deletes all environment variables related to the test.

              func (*EnvTest) GetDomain

              func (e *EnvTest) GetDomain() string

                GetDomain Gets the domain value associated with the DNS challenge (linked to WithDomain method).

                func (*EnvTest) GetValue

                func (e *EnvTest) GetValue(key string) string

                  GetValue Gets the stored value of an environment variable.

                  func (*EnvTest) IsLiveTest

                  func (e *EnvTest) IsLiveTest() bool

                    IsLiveTest Checks whether environment variables allow running a "live" test.

                    func (*EnvTest) RestoreEnv

                    func (e *EnvTest) RestoreEnv()

                      RestoreEnv Restores the environment variables to the initial state.

                      func (*EnvTest) WithDomain

                      func (e *EnvTest) WithDomain(key string) *EnvTest

                        WithDomain Defines the name of the environment variable used to define the domain related to the DNS request. If the domain is defined, it was considered mandatory to define a test as a "live" test.

                        func (*EnvTest) WithLiveTestExtra

                        func (e *EnvTest) WithLiveTestExtra(extra func() bool) *EnvTest

                          WithLiveTestExtra Allows to define an additional condition to flag a test as "live" test. This does not replace the default behavior.

                          func (*EnvTest) WithLiveTestRequirements

                          func (e *EnvTest) WithLiveTestRequirements(keys ...string) *EnvTest

                            WithLiveTestRequirements Defines the environment variables required to define a test as a "live" test. Replaces the default behavior (all keys are required).

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