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type Access

type Access struct {
	Token Token `json:"token"`

    Access is an identity information.

    type Auth

    type Auth struct {
    	TenantID            string              `json:"tenantId"`
    	PasswordCredentials PasswordCredentials `json:"passwordCredentials"`

      Auth is an authentication information.

      type Client

      type Client struct {
      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

        Client is a ConoHa API client.

        func NewClient

        func NewClient(region string, auth Auth, httpClient *http.Client) (*Client, error)

          NewClient returns a client instance logged into the ConoHa service.

          func (*Client) CreateRecord

          func (c *Client) CreateRecord(domainID string, record Record) error

            CreateRecord adds new record.

            func (*Client) DeleteRecord

            func (c *Client) DeleteRecord(domainID, recordID string) error

              DeleteRecord removes specified record.

              func (*Client) GetDomainID

              func (c *Client) GetDomainID(domainName string) (string, error)

                GetDomainID returns an ID of specified domain.

                func (*Client) GetRecordID

                func (c *Client) GetRecordID(domainID, recordName, recordType, data string) (string, error)

                  GetRecordID returns an ID of specified record.

                  type Domain

                  type Domain struct {
                  	ID   string `json:"id"`
                  	Name string `json:"name"`

                    Domain is a hosted domain entry.

                    type DomainListResponse

                    type DomainListResponse struct {
                    	Domains []Domain `json:"domains"`

                      DomainListResponse is a response of a domain listing request.

                      type IdentityRequest

                      type IdentityRequest struct {
                      	Auth Auth `json:"auth"`

                        IdentityRequest is an authentication request body.

                        type IdentityResponse

                        type IdentityResponse struct {
                        	Access Access `json:"access"`

                          IdentityResponse is an authentication response body.

                          type PasswordCredentials

                          type PasswordCredentials struct {
                          	Username string `json:"username"`
                          	Password string `json:"password"`

                            PasswordCredentials is API-user's credentials.

                            type Record

                            type Record struct {
                            	ID   string `json:"id,omitempty"`
                            	Name string `json:"name"`
                            	Type string `json:"type"`
                            	Data string `json:"data"`
                            	TTL  int    `json:"ttl"`

                              Record is a record entry.

                              type RecordListResponse

                              type RecordListResponse struct {
                              	Records []Record `json:"records"`

                                RecordListResponse is a response of record listing request.

                                type Token

                                type Token struct {
                                	ID string `json:"id"`

                                  Token is an api access token.

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