Package dmapi Client for DMAPI



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    func AddTxtEntryToZone

    func AddTxtEntryToZone(zone, relative, value string, ttl int) string

      AddTxtEntryToZone returns DNS zone with added TXT record.

      func RemoveTxtEntryFromZone

      func RemoveTxtEntryFromZone(zone, relative string) (string, bool)

        RemoveTxtEntryFromZone clean-ups all TXT records with given name.


        type AuthInfo

        type AuthInfo struct {
        	APIKey   string
        	Username string
        	Password string
        	// contains filtered or unexported fields

        type Client

        type Client struct {
        	HTTPClient *http.Client
        	BaseURL    string
        	Debug bool
        	// contains filtered or unexported fields

          Client a DMAPI Client.

          func NewClient

          func NewClient(auth AuthInfo) *Client

            NewClient creates a new DMAPI Client.

            func (*Client) GetZone

            func (c *Client) GetZone(domain string) (*Response, error)

              GetZone returns content of DNS zone for domain.

              func (*Client) Login

              func (c *Client) Login() (*Response, error)

                Login performs a login to Joker's DMAPI.

                func (*Client) Logout

                func (c *Client) Logout() (*Response, error)

                  Logout closes authenticated session with Joker's DMAPI.

                  func (*Client) PutZone

                  func (c *Client) PutZone(domain, zone string) (*Response, error)

                    PutZone uploads DNS zone to Joker DMAPI.

                    type Response

                    type Response struct {
                    	Headers    url.Values
                    	Body       string
                    	StatusCode int
                    	StatusText string
                    	AuthSid    string

                      Response Joker DMAPI Response.

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